Sister Is a Drug Addict?

I need help for my sister who is 33 and is DRUG addict.

She took up a loan at the bank to make home improvements at our family home in Soweto and we think she has used up all that money on her addiction and now the house is just standing there incomplete.

She was off drugs when she was pregnant with her kid but she is back full-force, she still has her job but does not really go there as much.

She lies, her good personality has changed, she is angry all the time and when we ask her about money she always puts up a fight, we where raised by our aunts and they where good to us and she is just tearing up the whole family we don’t know what to do anymore.

Please give help and advice on how to help her kick this thing out of her life for good before it’s to late.

Out of Control

by: Ned Wicker

Your sister is in serious trouble and it sounds like her addiction has her by the throat.

She probably did use the money for drugs, she won’t be able to repay the loan, and soon everything will fall apart.

You are more than just a bystander. You can be a player in her recovery by organizing the family, her closest friends and getting a meeting planned.

Seek out an interventionist from a local hospital, or drug treatment center and get a plan.

Your sister needs help and she’s going down hill rapidly. You need to get help first.

It’s important to make a stand and not enable her behavior. her addiction has serious health consequences, to say nothing of the devastation it causes to relationships, both personal and professional.

The family needs to rally together and be cohesive. You need professional help to help her. Again, I encourage you to go to an addiction professional and bring them in to lead your family in this matter.

Don’t try to do it alone, because it doesn’t work. Families have an emotional attachment and it’s difficult at best to get over the emotional issues, which is why an objective professional person is so valuable.

Make the connection today and get help.

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