What does a married couple do when they use drugs and it’s out of control?

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What does a married couple do when they use drugs and it’s out of control?

by Michael and Dawn

(Mesa, AZ. )

My wife and I are addicted to heroin. Just like everyone who gets caught in the addiction we started using pain pills, then they quit working and went on to use a little heroin which then turns into abusing heroin several times a day just to be normal. After using up every source possible,(before doing illegal things to get the drug) we ask ourselves has this gone too far?

What do we do now? We both know how severe it is to go as little as 6-8 hours without injecting heroin is on us. We are now scared and don’t know where to turn, what’s the next step because having to now go without the drug is slowly creeping up on us and neither of us can handle being without it.

We need immediate help here!

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The fact that you both realize that there is a serious problem is a good first step.

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Michael and Dawn,

Heroin addiction is a disease of the brain that attacks our brain and turns us into someone we don’t recognize nor like. Someone willing to do ANYTHING to get the drugs that our brain is convincing us we must have.

To end your dependence to heroin, you must both first go through withdrawal/detox safely. To go through withdrawal safely, I would recommend you go to the emergency room of a hospital and tell them your situation. Ask them to help you both to detox from heroin and also to refer you to a treatment center for more support.

Additionally, you both must begin attending AA or NA meetings DAILY for 90 days and begin working the 12 steps.

The 12 step program helps us to understand ourselves and our addiction and also helps us to create a path to sobriety. The steps are our best hope to understand ourselves and to discover what we need to do to end our addiction now.

There are many, many meeting in Mesa, AZ, so you should have no problem finding meetings that you like and that support your needs.

Good Luck,



by: Michael and Dawn

It’s been about 14 hours since last use for my wife and about 7 hours for me. Her withdrawals are in full swing , full body pain, no energy or motivation , cold sweats, the yawns, anxiety etc… As for me I’m tired and dreading what’s ahead.

I was the heavier user of the two of us so I know I’m gonna get it the worst, as I’ve seen what happens after not having used for 12 hours once.

We want help but neither of us have any money, I have insurance, but she doesn’t, and is not able to get state assistance, we both have jobs that we HAVE to be at in order to live, so we are kinda screwed and have to fight through this on our own trying to maintain our daily lives. I wish there was something we could do …

Thanks for the update!

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Michael and Dawn,

I know you need to keep your jobs but you can still get medical support as you detox. Michael, please go to urgent care and get support for your withdrawal symptoms. Also, there is outpatient treatment available that will work within your work schedule.

You should also go to AA or NA meetings NOW, so that you can avoid relapse. All of us try to quit on our own, but when we get the support and information we need and have the help of others then we can push through the difficult times and make it to the other side.

Good luck and I’ll pray that you both can remain sober and change your lives,


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