Comments for Nephew on Suboxone?

Suboxone Abuse

by: Ned Wicker

Good observation. Just because somebody is taking medication for opiate withdrawal doesn’t necessarily mean that the treatment is completely harmless, especially if the medication is abused.

Suboxone is intended to help addicts through a difficult period, but not intended for maintenance the way a type 2 diabetic takes a daily regiment of pills.

It’s possible for addicts to go back to their old ways and use again, even while on the Suboxone. Sounds like he’s using and should probably go back to the doctor and get checked out. His pattern of getting sick and crashing is not good.

You may want to give Al-Anon a call, as they have folks who have been through your experience and can surely offer some counsel and advice.

Suboxone stinks

by: Anonymous

I was on Suboxone for a yr and it did nothing for me. I abused it badly. I have since changed to methadone which has been a God send. I have been clean for over a yr. Not a single pain pill. I still abused pills on Suboxone as well. I also found it made me very sleepy to.

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