Comments for Son Abusing Oxycontin Any Other Choices?


by: Ned Wicker

One of the important first steps taken by the pain management clinic, operated by the healthcare system I work for, is to do a thorough screening process to assess any potential for drug abuse, especially with opiates.

Taking these drugs and snorting them is purely for recreation, as the high can be very intense. Often people will do this with the prescription pain medication, but soon turn to heroin, which can be purchased on the street for less money.

Regardless of your son?s physical limitations, addiction is the key issue and therefore you need to get him into treatment. If pain management is an issue, you need to have a good discussion with your doctor to search for alternatives, but first your son needs to be in treatment.

A pain management clinic is a great place to start and you need to explain to them that opiates drugs are not a solution.

We are all body, mind and spirit, so you need to approach this from all three angles. Go to a professional and have the discussion.

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