Husband addicted to Dexedrine

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Husband addicted to Dexedrine

by Andrea

(Norwalk, CT, US)

My husband was prescribed Dexedrine by his doctor 3 years ago. It has taken control over his life. He mixes it with Neurontin and when he is stressed out goes for drinking.

This whole mix makes him an angry being, to the point that last Halloween I had to call the cops as he destroyed the door of one of our rooms, spat on my face and threaten to drive the car while the street was crowded with kids trick or treating.

He had to go to anger management classes and drug abuse classes for 6 months in which he controlled himself a bit.

Now it’s starting all over again with the difference that now I am 4 months pregnant and I am getting really scared. I don’t think his doctor cares much if he is abusing these pills or not. I don’t believe there is a follow up.

Either my husband is a great liar when his sees him or the doctor is completely dumb. There is no talking to him, everything is taken the wrong way, I am always at fault. I am not sure how to proceed anymore, how do you deal with a person like this? He was definitely not like this before starting to take the Dexedrine.

Please help.


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Call his doctor and ask for help!

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Andrea,

Based on your description it sounds like your husband has an amphetamine addiction. Amphetamine addiction can cause mental health disorders and even psychosis.

Addiction attacks the brain and convinces the addict that they MUST have the drug to survive. They will do ANYTHING to get the drug and their entire personality changes.

Because your husband is angry and potentially violent, you need to be prepared to stay somewhere else if his anger symptoms worsen. I would also recommend that you call his doctor and discuss the addiction with the doctor. Ask him to work with you to help get your husband into treatment for his addiction. This will likely anger your husband so please protect yourself and your baby by having a save place to go if he becomes violent.

I would also recommend you IMMEDIATELY begin attending Al-anon meetings at least twice a week and more if possible. Begin working the 12 steps and find a sponsor whose has helped their husband to end an addiction. This will help you to learn how to help your husband but to avoid inadvertently enabling his addiction.

Also, try to get your husband to begin attending meeting of AA or NA so that he is also learning to work the 12 steps and finding a sponsor. Recovery statistics are good if both of you attend meetings and work the steps.

There is help and there is hope but you need to take action ASAP to help your husband to end this terrible disease.

Good Luck!


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