Getting married to someone who has weed?

by Fatema

I am getting married in under 4 weeks and i just found out he has had a drug issue, in the past and after a lot of talks he has had some two weeks ago, according to him and his talks he is not addicted and had it socially when with the wrong friends.

Right now am questioning the whole thing as am to sure what i should do, go ahead with my wedding or cancel it as, am not sure how addicted or not he is with it.

He has said he is ready to do everything as he doesn’t want the weed he doesn’t need it, and he has also just quite smoking to prove if he can go with out the cigarettes then he can also go without the weed, which he has rarely.

He is ready to take test to prove he clear and that he will go to counseling if i need him to.

Can someone help me what should i do, am not sure if am strong enough to help him out?

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