My brother needs help please!

by Christine H

(Ellicott City, MD)

My brothers wife is really addicted to a drug called Butitol headache medicine. She is using a patch that was put on her by the court for other drugs.

She goes for a while clean long enough to go to the court and get tested. Then she goes all weekend falling down not even able to talk or take care of her children sometimes 5 or 6 days messed up.

The court has tested her for illegal drugs before and she failed the test and they put her in jail over night and sent her home. They have found her in the woods unable to function knocked out!!!!

He says he has found as many as 200 or more pills in their room hidden. She is getting her pills from a doctor in Puerto Rico ???? They send it to another place closer to the house and then UPS ships it right to the house when my brother is not home.


They have called the police and they come out when she is found and say they can’t do anything because it is not an illegal drug!!!!! Every ambulance that has came out will take her sometimes to the hospital and she is sent home.

She has gone to rehab clinics and still not helping any ideas please help. my brother said she smokes and burns holes in everything. She has been found in the floor all the time knocked out ????

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