Son is addicted and doesn't want rehab.

by Collett

My son admitted to be addicted to pain killers. However, he does not think he needs rehab. I am trying to help him and I do not know where to turn. Please help.

He is 24 and lost his job. He thinks he can beat it himself but I know that he cannot. He has anger issues as well as depression but I am not able to tell if it is from the drugs or his psychological issues.

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He must ready and willing to quit.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Collett,

I'm so very sorry to hear that your son is addicted to pain pills. Often people who have other psychological issues like anger and depression begin to self medicate to relieve the mental anguish that they feel.

I certainly agree with you that your absolutely needs to be in rehab so that he can untangle all of his emotional issues and move away from his addiction.

The problem you may be having with him is that he's is not yet willing to give up the pills. Addiction attacks the brain and convinces the addict that they MUST use and that the pills are the only thing worth living for.

You must avoid any enabling of his addiction in way at all. I would recommend you begin attending Al-anon meetings two or three times a week to learn about addiction and also to learn how to help your son.

Rehab can only help your son if he makes the decision that is his willing to try to quit. If he is unwilling then rehab probably won't help him. He has to hit bottom in order to realize that his life is not worth living unless he stops using.

Good Luck,


Learn the facts
by: Anonymous

I too have grown children that are "qualifiers" and my best advice to you is to get involved with an Al-anon group. I have been going for a year and it is LIFE CHANGING it will help you to enjoy your life.

It will help you understand that you didn't cause it and you cant cure it. But also acknowledges what you contribute to your son behavior.

My prayers are for your son to hit a sufficient bottom and began that journey only he can admit he needs to take. A sponsor and a 12 step program can save his life. Good luck to you both.

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