Son Is A Heroin Addict

my 26 year old son is a heroin addict.

he was in detox but signed himself out after 3 days.

I am so scared for him.
I need a secure unit for him to get clean.

He lives in Mitcham and I live in Scotland.

Please can you help. I am so worried.

Online Support Available

by: Anonymous

There are many parents of addicts who have blogs on Blogspot and WordPress. We support each other and are ready to give support and information to you too. You can start on my blog:

Then, in the righthand column, I have links to some others and there, you will find others.

My son is 20 and has been a heroin addict for at least 18 months (that I’m aware). In and out of jail and rehab three times already, it’s something you definitely need to learn about and talk to other parents about.

Reach out.

We are here for you!

God bless.

Seek Help

by: Ned Wicker

I cannot begin to imagine the pain you must feel and the emotional strain you are experiencing through this entire episode of addiction.

If you know the drug treament center where your son was staying, perhaps it might serve you to call them and have a conversation about how to get your son back into treatment.

Three days isn’t treatment, but the withdrawal symptoms are so very powerful that the craving takes over and people make stupid decisions.

You must feel pretty helpless now, so seek out professional help and gather some ideas.

The insanity of heroin addiction knows no boundaries and no end, so eventually treatment is the only option, voluntary or otherwise.

Obviously your son is incapable of making good decisions about his own best interest, so you may have to force the issue.

Make the call and see if you and the treatment center can work together to formulate a plan to bring your son back.

I also recommend you call your doctor and ask where there is a secure mental health facility that will take your son in.

Most hospitals have a locked facility that may be necessary for your son.

You should also attend an Al-anon program in your area, they will be a good source of information and support during this very difficult time.

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