Son’s addiction


(Trenton, New Jersey)

My son has been going to a treatment center in Camden, NJ every morning for methadone. He gets a dose there and for awhile came right home and was doing OK.

However, the past 2 weeks he is spaced out and not himself. He is nasty and not taking care of himself.

There are two possibilities either the methadone is no longer effective or he doing more drugs.

The clinic has not recognized this!

Something has gone wrong, please help!

Wrong Turn of Events

by: Ned Wicker

The classic tussle between in-patient and out-patient is what is going on with your son.

Perhaps he does go to the treatment center, but maybe he doesn’t. He may just be going in for his dose and he’s back out the door again.

Have you spoken to him or been able to pick up any signs that something is going on? It sounds to me like he’s using something else now, so it’s a good idea to find out the truth.

If he’s not forthcoming with information, you should call the treatment center and speak to them about his progress. You should also MAKE him go to your doctor and get an assessment. If he is using again you need to know.

There’s a piece missing from this story, something you don’t know and something he’s not telling you. Time to start asking questions.

Son’s addiction

by: Lynette


Dear Cindy,

I can completely understand your concern with your son. I have been in similar situations with my son.

I totally agree with Ned’s comments.

With my son, it seemed like he would never admit to me that he was doing badly again. Then, unfortunately, things would get worse and worse.

You didn’t say how old your son is. I know several times I took my son to public housing (through social services) because I felt he could not live in our house any more. He obviously was using. It was a hard thing to do but it is an alternative.

Then eventually he moved away from our area with a girlfriend and he did the same things with her as he did with us. Lying, using, losing jobs, etc. He is now in jail, unfortunately.

I attend Al Anon meetings and it helps me a lot. There I meet others in the same or similar situation as yourself. I recommend it to you.

Also, your son could go to Alcoholic’s Anonymous meetings (they talk about drug addiction, too) or Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Good luck and I’ll pray for you and your son.-Lynette

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