Substance Abuse Disorder Questions

I’m seventeen years old and I know I’m addicted to coke. I started doing it about two years, but only a little at a time. Unfortunately, for the past five months I’ve been doing at least two grams every day.

I’ve spent all of my money and it’s ruining my life. I’ve tried to stop, but I can’t make it more than two weeks. I want to get help and get better, but I don’t know how too. I don’t have a dad and my mother would be heartbroken if she was to find out, although she does have her suspicions.

I can’t afford a rehab center and I don’t want to leave my friends. I just can’t stop on my own and I was close to her (my mom) before coke took over my life. Basically all I want to know is if I should tell her and what I can do to get better?…

by Stephanie

My boyfriend says that he needs me to be able to recover from his crack addiction. I want to know if this is true? We do not have enough money to send him to rehab and i have been researching ways of treatment for him which I can help him with.

He doesn’t smoke crack everyday, but when he does he can go on for days. He has asked me for help and I really want to help him because I love him. He also suffers from

I know that depression is one of the side effects of using crack.


I attend a weekly support group and we do bible study. He doesn’t want to come with me because he says that the people at he meeting are off loading all their problems. I go to church as well, but he always has excuses not to go with me.

He prays and reads the bible, however I feel that he needs that extra feeding that you get from the word of God.

My brother has been using heroin for almost a year now ,he says he stopped 2 weeks ago.

I want to test him, how long does the drug stay in your system?

How long after he used it can i test him to get a negative result?

by Shannon

Hi, my 27 year old sister currently has a drug issue and is the mother of a 4 year old and 1 year old which she is currently neglecting.

I’m pretty sure she is taking speed. She doesn’t think she has a problem and am looking at doing an intervention but am needing some help with that.

Just wondering if you could let me know what you guys actually do and can help with etc.

Thanks very much.

by Chase

(Sin, North, AZ, USA)

I am what we would call a chronic relapser and now I relapsed on something and really can’t kick it. I’ve done heroin and was able to kick it but not this me.. if I’m not addicted to one thing its another whether it be the fact I’m a foodie and sex fiend not only because I’m a guy.

I love and hate that I’m crazy and I really kinda am diagnosed with 7 different mental disorders. I love and hate myself because I’m doing good and trying to DO the work hence writing this, but hate because I can’t stop relapsing and or hurting the people I love.

Your “facts” are a little off here in your reference to A.A.

First, A.A. is not for drugs, it is for alcohol only. Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinion on drugs or addiction.

In A.A. meetings, we are having to weed out the druggies and send them to Narcotics Anonymous.

I am an alcoholic and have studied alcoholism for many years. I have no doubt there is something different in my body once I take a drink. I do not believe it is a “disease”. I believe it is a form of mental illness.

Once i took that first drink, I couldn’t stop. I had a choice to smoke a joint or not. There was no choice with the drink.

by Alissa

I have been in recovery for 5 years. At what point is it okay to quit disclosing my addiction as a prerequisite to a doctor, employer, etc. without feeling like a jerk.

I feel like it is a stigma and wonder if not disclosing is a desire for privacy or denial. :/

by Lee Ann

A wonderful man has come back into my life after 25 years. He is an alcoholic. It breaks my heart.

What do I do? How do I help Him?

I gently suggested A.A. I told him I would go with him and be helpful and supportive. Tell me what to do. I don’t want to watch him kill himself.

by Edith

My sister-in-law has a problem with pain killers medications. She lives in Arizona and the law over there is that unless she asks for help, there is nothing we can do.

I was just wondering if that is so, and if there is anything we can do to help her with this problem. She has 3 children and they are our concern too!

Please let me know if you can direct me to find a solution.



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