Substance Addiction Questions

by Joseph

After taking Percocets and Roxys on and off for about 4 years, mostly on. Now that I have totally cut it out and no longer take them, how long will it take my for body to fully go back to normal and mentally feel better.

I’m happy I’m no longer taking them and each day that passes I’m getting better, I just wana know how long does it take the body to fully recover from taking them for that long?

Thank You!!!

My son is 18, and has recently returned from a Narconon drug rehab. He has used Crystal Meth in the past but is not using EX and pot.

He is coming down from 5 days of using EX and is extremly moody/angry. I need advice on how to help him

by Joycelyn

Hello, I have this friend who takes cocaine and I don’t like it. What advice and what things I should buy for the friend to make it easier on him.

by Trish

I am looking for an Alanol Support group in the Acworth, GA area for my son’s drug/alcohol abuse/addiction.

Please help me find a location.


(South Africa, Pretoria)


My boyfriend left me for he would rather not get help with his Cocaine addiction. He recons he doesn’t have a problem.

For the last 4 years his been using this every weekend. He did this with both his previous girls.. they just didn’t know what the problem was.. he doesn’t want to commit. With commitment comes change.

He does work very hard during the week and he also trains extremely hard. He is a personal trainer. He will get friends over un-intentionally to them but after a few drinks he would order cocaine. The dealer even delivers at the door. He will even go so far as to lie about who wanted to order it.

I know him so well that he just can not go a weekend without it. I can count on my two hand how many weekend he didn’t take in the last year and a half. But no he does not take it every day… but yes he does this every weekend.

He broke it of via his sister.. he needed some space to sort himself out, and for I wanted him to get help. We had no sex life anymore, no emotional connection deeper that the surface, he didn’t want to go to church anymore, he will pretend everything is fine and he is very happy.

I also told his sister and she believes that nothing is wrong with him, they will go out and he will do this without her even knowing it.. thinking he is not. He left me and we had everything from a awesome house, financial stability, dogs you name it we had it… now his got nothing left after I moved out… even got himself a lesbian to move in with him to pay the rent.

He is emotionally cold and it is as if he is a stranger to me. How do I get anybody to help him.

He is so good in pretending that he will just act his way out of this. I do love him so much and know how he can be but he is just putting this before everything.

He will walk away just not to change.. I know he loves me and it is as if he will just give up love for drugs and the good life.. I really want to help him for I do know he is better than to fall into this.

It seems as if I’m the only one that cares enough to see how he is just going down.. he doesn’t have proper social skills, no intelligent conversation other that the fun side off things.. we had friends that didn’t even wanted to come over to visit for he would twist them to get drugs.. we lost a lot a friends.. and now he is even loosing me…

by mich


Need help urgently, my son has become more aggressive he’s fighting with all male members in the family, staying out late not saying where he is going or what he is doing, staying up when he comes home banging about.

He’s 21 yrs old won’t look for job stays in bed most of the morning and when confronted will become defensive. His room is a mess even though he keeps himself looking nice.

I have started to suffer with anxiety attacks worried sick as he wont go to get any help I’m at my wits end please can anyone help me?

It is effecting all my family we have even called a family meeting and said for him to get help, which he is in denial that he has a problem.

by John

Hello, here I am again and really don’t know which way to turn. About 3 years ago while I was living in Phoenix AZ., I was so depressed I tried taking my own life with a large amount of drugs. The result was two months in the hospital and a little over 3 months in a nursing home.

After getting out of the nursing home I checked into a rehab called the maverick house, at the time I was on AHCCCS – mercy care, and it only paid for a month of the program. At the end of the month I told my consular that I wasn’t ready to leave the program, but he insisted that I was. After that I went back to work against my doctors orders, working on tractor, trailers.

The result of this did more damage to my body and I was unable to keep up. So I quit my job and got back on AHCCCS and filed for s.s.i. disability.

At this point of my life I thought I had every thing worked out, I was taking Zoloft for my depression and pain meds for my pain and had 2
surgeries lined up, one for my knee and the other was for my drop foot. That is when I got my disability and AHCCCS dropped me, they said I was making too much money, and did not get the surgeries that I needed. With no insurance I stated to buy my pain meds off the street and started drinking. I moved back to Florida just a few days before the first of this year.

This is the 4th month in a row that I wasted my whole check on drugs, last month I didn’t pay my phone bill for the first time in 2 years and this month I didn’t pay any of my bills, my computer will be off in just a few days and more than likely I’ll be homeless at the end of the week. June 1st is when I start medicare.

As of right now depression is getting so bad deal with, I really don’t know which way I should turn, I am tired and PLEASE I am asking for help.


by Karry

Oh my God…where to start?! I have a 25 year old Son living at home since he and his girlfriend of seven years split about two years ago. He has had some tragic things also happening in this time (deaths,repossessions, etc.). He has been abusing alcohol and drugs (prescription and heroin both intravenously) ….well…shooting up!

He has no bills now and his Father and I are both on disability and he is borrowing money from us for cigarettes. We both love him so much and wish he could just “get it”. He is so stubborn and I know what he’s going through.

His Father and I shot up meth anphedimins(?) when he was very young. We have begged and pleaded and insisted and I feel like my only option is to “kick him out”. Stop “enabeling” him. It’s all so much easier said than done.

We just can’t throw him out. Even if it’s the “right thing to do”. He’s on unemployment right now (a roofer), but, he has no license because of 2 oui’s. I drive him everywhere! He has no insurance and his Father and I have

What are my options?

by Tonya

my daughter is a heroin addict with a 4 year old girl and a 7 year old son I need help I need her or someone to help me get the kids until she gets help what do I do?

She lives in another state.

by Does Not Matter

I am in need of help. I have a dear friend who is addicted to using oxys and Pot. My friend swears to try hard not to buy them again, however, I need advice on how to help.

The person does not want to go to rehab, for many reasons. I am usually a very intelligent, wise, loving person, but this is out of my league; I can help with the emotional turmoil of withdrawl but I need to know how to help the person more, what to do, what not to do etc.

Please, for the love of God, help me to help my friend.

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