Substance Dependence Questions

by April


I live currently with my drug addicted boyfriend who I did not know was this way anymore when I moved in. I cannot afford the initial costs of leaving him but desperately need to get away from his influence as I have partaken and because of chemical influence have thrown my body into a severe clinical depression.

I’m very scared and need to do something as I can feel myself slipping and slipping. I live in Denver, CO and was just wondering if there exists such a temporary place until I can save enough $ to start out in an apartment. I am currently bartering with a therapist and looking to get on medication to re-balance depression.

I am a business owner but am barely beginning so I’m not financially ok yet. What are my options? I have nobody to help me get away and I can’t be homeless with a business to represent and hopefully build. Please let me know.

by Gary


I’ve developed a serious drug problem and need help?

by Lisa

My son has admitted to being addicted to Opana for the last 5 months. He has no insurance, no money, and wants to quit cold turkey.

Do you have any suggestions for inexpensive relief during withdrawals? He is in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Thank you for your informative website.

by no name


Should I ask my boyfriends best friend for help with my boyfriend crack addiction before its too late. My boyfriend is mixing crack with alcohol and I’m afraid he is going to die!

by Lisa


I’m scared to talk to my GP…. as I’ve been on different anti-depressants half a dozen times and they just don’t work….

What would you suggest is the best way of quitting a 15 year addiction to amphetamines… i can not go any lower than what I’ve now become…

I’ve just want my husband to know how little life i have which means much at all…. i look at myself after a week or two off it….lazy, dirty, really don’t give a f***… i can not be bothered…. just sleep… eat….sleep…. eat…. until it’s too much to face….. back again for more…. just to feel anything like normal.. in fact if only to get me out of my bed…pit…. no pride left…. i hate myself more… please help..

by tonya

I went to rehab for substance and alcohol abuse. I’VE been sober for 42 days,today. My addiction started 19yrs ago, when my mother first introduced me to meth.

Since then our relationship has been tore to shreds. 5 days ago my mother entered rehab, this is about the 12th time. I’m about to be homeless, and I thought since we would both be clean, that maybe I could stay with her for a month, she told me that her social worker didn’t think that was a good idea.

But my ex boyfriend is living with her and for money he gets her whatever she needs. she hasn’t spoken about kicking him out. so I feel like once again she’s abandoning me for her addiction.

it really hurts and ultimately I know we may never have a relationship.

am I wrong for feeling that she’s picking the him over me?

by Bo May

(Bossier LA USA)

What does a husband do when wife is using? Pills & marijuana?

by Jukka


I need know how I can have cocaine liberty?

by Sherri


My question is can meth continue to erode your memory a couple of years after you have quit using it?

My friend has been meth free for about 2.5 years. I recently saw her and was surprised at how much she seemed to forget since the last time I saw her, which was about 5 months ago.

I don’t know if I should chalk it up to perimenopause or her past meth use.

Sometimes it is just simple things… like coming and taking my coffee cup instead of taking hers. Other times it seems she notices that she can’t remember things.

Her background includes emotional abuse during her childhood and she has had severe depression for most of her life. About a year ago she went into the hospital for shock therapy, so maybe that is finally effecting her memory as well.

I try to remain patient with her, but I am amazed at some basic things she just doesn’t seem to manage. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

by Jane


My son is living with a woman who is not only pregnant with his child, but hooked on pain killers (vicodin – percocet). We’re just beginning to find out because I caught her stealing leftover pain meds from a past surgery in my house.

I told him – he confronted her and she admitted it. She is one of four children from a home with two addicted parents. She has a brother and sister who are addicted, too. Now what?????

How do I convince him to leave her? What about the baby due June 22nd? I’m fearful of her well being.

How can we remove her parental rights?

It is very early and I am unaware of any treatment at this point, but my understanding from speaking with a doctor is the baby will very likely be addicted.

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