There is Hope!!

by Tami

(Baltimore, MD )

Hello everyone,

I posted my story back in June 2011. My 21 yr old son & his g/f were using heroin. Just when I thought they had hit “rock bottom”… something else would happen. I had actually prepared myself for “that” call. (although, as a parent, I never wanted to get it).

It got so bad at the start of the Holiday season, that we actually had to just not accept the phone calls from him or answer & tell him no when he would ask me to order him a pizza online because he was hungry.

Well, as a parent, I THOUGHT I was doing the right thing by ordering him a pizza… never wanted to hear my son was hungry….well, after speaking with several people who had been in this situation, I found out that I was actually enabling him to use heroin.

Knowing that I would order him food allowed him to use the little bit of $$ he had left from unemployment to buy drugs. So, from then on, I had to say “NO”. This broke my heart, to say the least.

But, I am very happy to report to all of those who replied, talked me thru this, supported & so on… THERE IS HOPE…!! I picked my son up Xmas eve from his 8×6 rented room, with no heat, no furniture & no food… to spend with his family for xmas & to spend some time with his 18 month old daughter, who was taken from him & the mother back in June…. (baby is with his sister, my daughter in Foster Care) …. THIS WAS THE BEST THING EVER EVER EVER THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO MY SON, HIS DAUGHTER & THE REST OF THE FAMILY!!

I would like to tell everyone that my son successfully completed an inpatient rehab, is living with us, has been going to NA meetings every night, has a supportive sponsor, very supportive family, is now working towards getting his GED & is working. THERE IS HOPE!!

We all know that his recovery is an everlasting road into the future….there will always be temptations & is a day by day process. But, he took the 1st step & now sees that there is so much more out there to live for…. himself & his family…..


Happy for you

by: Anonymous

I am so happy for your son and family. You answered some of my questions concerning my 18yr daughter. We had to make her leave home due to drugs and alcohol among other things.

I wasn’t sure whether to give her food when she calls so i have been ignoring her calls. Every text so far was wanting something. I have not text back.

Wasn’t absolutely sure whether making her leave was right either but your story makes me feel like we did the right things. I really am very happy for you and i hope that your son will continue to do good.

Success Story

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Tami,

We live for those success stories and the declaration of hope! All of us here are pleased that you have your son back and that he is on the right path to a healthy, happy and productive life.

Drug use can kill the human spirit and bring not only death to the body, but to the soul as well. It’s good that he is going to meetings and allowing people to support him and help him in his recovery.

You have shared a very important message for parents—make the difficult choices and stop enabling your children. You have learned that it’s a process for parents, going from protecting their child to doing what is actually in the best interest of their child because they understand the nature of addiction and what is going on.

It’s been quite a journey for you.

Because of your experience, you are in a unique position to help other parents save their children. We encourage you to consider reaching out to parents and telling the real story of how to best care for an addicted child.

Sadly, there are parents who never get it. They will enable their sons and daughters, regardless of the cost. They are never a part of the solution, but they perpetuate the problem. You can be a huge influence.

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