My daughter is a heroin addict

by Tonya

my daughter is a heroin addict with a 4 year old girl and a 7 year old son I need help I need her or someone to help me get the kids until she gets help what do I do?

She lives in another state.

You Need Help First

by: Ned Wicker

In order to help your daughter, you are going to need some support and guidance. Give Al-Anon a call and allow their members to help you formulate a game plan that makes sense.

It’s tough being so removed. Your daughter might fight any kind of treatment offers and options, insisting that she does not have a problem.

Her disease blocks her ability to reason and see that she is putting her kids in jeopardy. You can call a local drug treatment center and ask them. You may want to take a trip to see her, inspect the situation for yourself, and perhaps offer to help.

Make the Al-Anon call first.

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