Three years of no drugs but…

After three years you know someone is in recovery, no drugs at all..then last week you were told they had a few hits of marijuana, is that a relapse..should I worry?

They had a hard emotional week and just could not sleep. There was no indication before of ever wanting any type of drug, so to be told that he just wanted a joint to help him relax…what does this really mean for a recovering drug addict?

Is this now going to be a temptation…or a slip, will he then continue to use…or can he stop just like that..what happens when you break down..does your body then want it more, or play tricks?

I am not sure what to do, think or believe. I was glad he shared with me that he wanted it last week. I can tell he was upset and said he needs to exercise or do something to not want to take a hit, but did not seem that upset.

I am just not too familiar to what happens in relapse or if he is able to really stop. As well what are signs to look for if he continues and chooses to not tell me. Will I see mood changes?

Recovery is Always

by: Ned Wicker

One of the important aspects of recovery is staying free from using, of course, but a slip does not necessarily mean relapse.

I would, however, add that even after three years it is easy to fall back into old, familiar patterns. Keep a watchful eye for the symptoms of drug abuse and look for the signs.

I have not had a cigarette in over 20 years, but I am still a smoker. Those in AA know that they can’t have a drink. Why? It just to easy to fall.

We can manage our addiction, but we cannot expect a cure. Express your concern, be smart and vigilent. Hopefully there is a better way to relax than take a hit of marijuana.

Meditation has been proven to have the same effect on the brain as an opiate. Much better choice, with no negative health implications.

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