What would Jesus Do?

I have a daughter that has a drug problem because of her boyfriend.

She is in denial to me, but shares more with my older daughter.

The problem is, we don’t know what to do.

She won’t leave him, and we can’t force the issue because it would cause more friction.

She lies to us all of the time.

Please tell me what “Jesus” would do! I need to do something by the spirit, not by my flesh.

Lost Sheep

by: Ned Wicker

What would Jesus do? His first priority was to protect his flock, and he used that illustration many times.

Would not the shepherd leave the ninety and nine to save the one lost sheep?

Jesus also understood the truth of the human condition and understood the denial. You need to save your daughter, but you cannot do it alone.

It is going to take a collective effort. The entire family needs to be unified in this. Your daughter is going to object, deny any problem, tell you that you are wrong, get angry and resist any treatment. Friction? You haven?t seen anything yet.

She wants to do drugs, she wants her boyfriend and she doesn?t want you telling her what to do. The addiction controls everything and her boyfriend is a friend of the addiction.

She needs to get out of that relationship, leave her drug environment and get into treatment. The boyfriend also needs to get into treatment. The relationship, as it stands now, is toxic.

His family needs to get him into treatment. So, two kids, two families, but one purpose.

Jesus would resist the deceiver?s lies, exercise some tough love and pull that little lamb out of the jaws of death.

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