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by Catriona

(United Kingdom)

All addicts, from any walk of life, in any situation, face one universal problem to take the first step on the road to recovery – accepting they are suffering from an addiction.
There is no doubt that this is the hardest part of the recovery process.

However, there are still many questions that need to be asked and answered in order to start healing. Counselling offers a non-judgmental, safe and relaxing environment to discuss problems and feelings out loud, with the help of a trained professional.

Underlying issues can be exposed and dealt with, and grief and all its associated feelings can be released.

The counsellor works with what their client tells them, dealing with the issues central to their addiction, and offering practical solutions to working through the most difficult days and coming out the other side. They can also help the person adjust to their life without the source of their addiction.

Dealing with addiction is one of the hardest experiences a person will have to go through. But there are people on hand to help, and though many people have reservations, counselling can be a hugely helping healing and cathartic process.

Counselling Directory ( provides an easy, worry-free way of connecting those that need help with those that provide it.

Simply type in a location and a list of counsellors in the area are displayed, showing the distance from the original location.

Each counsellor has their own profile, detailing at bit about themselves, their qualifications, and what areas they deal with.

Many counsellors also list their fees. There is then the option to contact the counsellor directly.

To find a counsellor in your area, (UK) as well as information about grief and other types of distress, go to:

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