Substance Abuse Questions from January 2011

by Rosemary

I am a christian but I have a severe addiction to painkillers, so much this has affected my eyesight.

Please can someone help me?

by Elizabeth



I have MS and am in pain quite a lot of the time – sometimes continually for months at a time. Last summer I discovered the joys of Poppy Tea. 8 whole hours without pain, and with the added benefit of having a break from depression (also part of MS, made worse by the pain).

But I’m no mug (I think!) I certainly don’t want to end up with dependency or withdrawal (especially since pain and hyper=tense muscles are already part of the MS package). I think I am erring on the side of caution with ‘Tea Days’ being only occasional holidays from pain. How often could I safely drink Tea without dependency or withdrawal becoming an issue?

by Laura

I am looking for a meeting for family members with a drug addicted parent, in the Arvada area, zip 80004. A link to their site or any other info you might have.



by Out of Ideas

(Rancho Santa Margarita, CA USA)

I have a 17 yr old son who has been smoking pot since 13yrs old. This came to light at the end of last summer. We had caught him with cigarettes and suspected pot, but when things came to a head so to speak, he came clean (we think) about his past use.

He claims to have been using pot at least weekly since sophomore year of h.s. and he will graduate (hopefully) in 4 weeks. In the last 3 weeks his grades have dropped dramatically, he has 3 D’s that used to be B’s. Today, instead of going to school he was caught by my husband smoking pot in the backyard with one of his “friends”.

Back at the end of the summer we found small baggies of skunk weed in his room and kicked him out for the night. We have a sober home and two daughters 15 and 14 who are honor students and not involved in anything like this. We have strict rules about drugs and drug use.

So, upon finding the baggies, we self referred to a police and school sponsored program for teens using drugs (PRIDE). What came out of the required evaluations by Psychologists and Psychiatrists, among the other requirements, was that he is ADHD and he started taking Vivance. He has been getting the best grades of his academic life (all A’s and B’s) until a few weeks ago.

We have known he’s been smoking cigarettes daily, although he tries to hide it. I also found a make-shift pipe for pot hidden in a sock he left in my car about two months ago.

I revoked all driving privileges for this and he was not allowed out for the next few weeks.
After today, my husband wants him out. He’s only 17 though and legally we can’t kick him out.

We also don’t have money to send him to a rehab.
I am looking for advice for the next level of circumstances and any recommendations for where I can get him help on a sliding scale.

Any information would be gratefully received.

by Joanne

Hello. My partner has been addicted to drugs for 10yrs now. He has been in and out of prison for drug offenses, completed drug court, been on a methadone program and tried rehab.

However he always seem to relapse and blames it always on me. Everything I do and say is my fault. I want to know if this intervention will really work because I really cant take it anymore. I want to leave him if there is no other way.

His family don’t support him anymore, he embarrasses us, plans are always based on his moods and behaviour, financially we are broke etc etc. He believes everything will be alright. I just want this to stop.

Does intervention involve costs? How much?

by Sammie

Can you please help me locate a support group for me, my son is a heroin addict?

Thank you

by Cristina

I am from Clayton, NJ and I am looking for family meetings nearby for some addition support.

Please respond as soon as possible.

by Olga

I’ve been in denial, my soon to be 20-year is on drugs, I’m a single mom – need to TALK to someone as to how I can physically get help for him?

Where can I go? who can I call? where can I take him? he most likely will not want to cooperate, need someone to help me get him to talk, and help himself — I believe he wants help, doesn’t know how to get it, won’t listen to me, has “cried out for help “eg. suicide” — needs an outsider to talk to where can I go? please help me, thank you

by Karen

I need help with my 20 year old son. I am considering an intervention.

Can you help?

Sincerely, Karen

by Cathy

(Peachtree City, GA)

My 20-year-old daughter was arrested 3 weeks ago for marijuana possession (less than 1 oz) and underage possession of alcohol. Her boyfriend was also arrested.

This is her third brush with the law over marijuana. We were raided by the police who were looking for the seller (that was elsewhere), and even my husband and I were handcuffed! (everyone in the house, apparently standard procedure).

She was kept in the county jail overnight until we could bail her out. People have told us to just let her stay in jail, and normally that might be an option, but the problem is she is an insulin-dependent Type I diabetic.

While she was in jail, she was not allowed to take her insulin, and her condition was ignored. Her blood sugar went up to over 500. I dread the possibility of her going to jail because I’m afraid her condition won’t be treated and she’ll end up dead. My husband was furious about this and wants to consult a lawyer.

We are in tight financial circumstances and are desperatly trying to keep from losing our home. I think my daughter might be addicted to marijuana.

She has friends we’re pretty sure are addicted. My husband and I wish she wouldn’t hang out with these people and have told her so, but the problem is that the decent people won’t have anything to do with her. This goes back several years.

For the past 10 years I have been under treatment for mental illness (bipolar disorder), and because my daughter’s diabetes wasnt’t being properly managed (I was having a psychotic episode at the time), we were investigated by the Dept. of Family & Children Services and I was hospitalized for over a month.

My daughter lost several friends because their parents were afraid of both her diabetes and my illness (the Crazy Mom) plus the fact that we were being investigated. (Everybody is scared to death of DFACS & if you get investigated everyone shuns you.) So she ended up befriending these kids who were just as troubled as she was.

She has now moved out of our home, which in some ways is a relief because the friends aren’t around anymore. My daughter has a bad temper and it’s hard for me to talk to her. We almost don’t have a relationship anymore.

She does have a regular job as a waitress and seems to be pretty good at it. One reason we’re hopeful she stays out of jail is because we don’t want her to lose her job, since she seems to be able to be sort of responsible because of it.

We have a younger daughter, 15, who is not at all like her sister. She is an A student at school and has absolutely no interest in drugs of any kind. I guess I’m just wondering what we need to do about my daughter’s marijuana use, how it relates to her diabetes, and if my mental illness has played any part in her situation and/or my ability to deal with her marijuana use.

Any comments will be appreciated.

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