Use of narcotic pain killer after addiction?

by Lindsey

My 24-year old cousin is a recovering heroin addict. He has been in and out of rehab facilities for about 3 years now.

Over this past summer he was doing very well and was clean for 8 months and then Dec. 15th he relapsed. He has been doing better since but he has been having trouble with his leg.

After seeing a doctor they believe he has hip dysplasia, he is in a lot of pain and complains of the non-narcotic meds aren’t helping.

Can he take a narcotic pain killer if closely monitored and someone administers the medication properly?

Use of narcotic pain killer…..

by: Lynette

Hi Lindsey-

Thanks for writing. I’m not a medical expert but I would STRONGLY suggest that he not use a narcotic pain killer. Perhaps you should talk to YOUR doctor about it and get some information that you could share with him.

My son is a drug addict and I have had a lot of experiences. In Nov.,2009 he became clean for the first time in years. He went on a drug call Suboxin (may not be spelled right) which is supposed to reduce cravings for certain drugs. I think it made him worse and after 7 months he relapsed. He’s now in jail for DUI but is working the AA program in there.

For you, I would recommend going to Al Anon meetings – for families and friends of alcoholics and drug addicts. There you meet others with the same or similar situations as yourself. I go to meetings and they help me immensely. I also see a counselor, talk to my minister and see a physician’s assistant. Get all the support you can get.

For him, I would recommend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

Good luck and I’ll say a prayer for both of you-Lynette

Pain Management

by: Ned Wicker

Your cousin is in a tough spot, but giving narcotics to a recovering addict is not the answer. There are effective ways to deal with this problem and pain management clinics, such as the one operated by ProHealthcare, the organization I work for, work hard at giving their patients relief without the use of opioids. He needs to explore alternatives.

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