We are addicted to meth.

by Marick

(Cape Town)

Hi, I am in my 30’s and am clearly addicted to meth (tik). My girlfriend has been addicted to it for 7 years on and off.

I started going out with her 19 – 20 months ago. I fell in love and after a week or 3 I find out she is using meth. She said she just sometimes does it, nothing to worry about. As I am a open minded guy and also did experiment with xtc, marijuana, coke etc etc. I did not think much of it. The only thing I know is a total no no is heroin. So it was fine.

She goes to her girl friend after work on Friday, they will smoke some, I will pick her up there when I finish work, then we would go do something in town or go to her flat and relax, watch some movies etc.

Six months later we moved in together and I started smoking little bits at a time with her on weekends. needless to say, I am hooked now, after about 6 – 7 months smoking with her. It became a every day or every 2nd day thing. It got to a point where she is pointing the finger at me now, she wants to stop, but I keep asking her if she wants to smoke, should I get some etc.

That’s not entirely true but she wants to blame shift. It is now worst then ever and we had a huge fight she moved out and dumped me. I need to help me and her to get off this stuff asap. That is the only way I can rescue our relationship, which is and was absolutely fabulous. Our connection is electrifying. We just belong together. It is the meth that is keeping us apart.


Treatment for Both of You

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Marick,

In the 12 Steps a “higher power” is the focus of Step 2. Just what is that higher power in your life? Could it be, for the present, that the higher power is your relationship to your girlfriend, whom you love and with whom you want to spend your life? The point is your motivation to get clean is important.

You both need treatment and you both need to get clean, so being together right now might not be in your best interest, either individually or as a couple. Obviously the meth has been a toxic element in your relationship and whether or not one is a “casual” user of the drug, there is no escaping its disastrous consequences.

Therefore, your focus right now should be to get clean, then and only then can you pursue the relationship. If you slip back into old habits, you will go nowhere.

Treatment is the only viable solution. Meth is highly addictive and can easily take over your entire life. You need to break that cycle of addiction and learn how to live without the drug. She has to do likewise. Hopefully she sees, as you do, that the meth ruined everything.

Both of you need to get help. It doesn’t work if one gets off and the other doesn’t. Perhaps, if she understands her need to receive help, she will agree with you and you both get into treatment. Somewhere in the future maybe you can rekindle the relationship.

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