What is the physiological effects of cocaine after 20 yrs. of abuse?

My husband of only 3 yrs. abused cocaine for 20 yrs. he was arrested and received 5 yr. probation.

He claims to have been clean for 12 yrs. is that possible without any help and what are the physiological effects of the abuse?

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by: Ned Wicker

You said your husband “claims” to have been clean for 12 years, which tells me that you are not so sure.

Cocaine will increase body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. Short-term or long=-term use will put the user in jeopardy of heart attacks, respiratory failure, strokes and seizures. You can see that the drug creates obvious health problems.

The drug can create gastrointestinal complications, evidenced by nausea or abdominal pain. Has your husband lost any sense of smell, which can be caused by snorting coke? Have his eating habits changed?

Ingesting cocaine can cause, among other things, bowel gangrene due to a decrease in blood flow, caused by constricted blood vessels. People who shoot the cocaine are at risk for HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.

If he is still using, he may have mood swings, paranoia or restlessness. Regardless of the frequency of use, cocaine puts the user at risk for severe cardiovascular problems. Even only after one use, people have been known to die from cardiac arrest. They can experience seizures and respiratory distress.

Monitor him closely. The cocaine is potentially very deadly and be sure you know the warning signs.

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