What to do when daughter may be using?

What to do when daughter may be using?

I found 2 TEC white tablets (I think they are Percocets) in a tic-tac container in my 16yr old daughters bedroom, in a drawer.

I asked her about them, she told me she had them for a long time and she didn’t remember what they are. I took them and said I would find out what they were.

I need to talk to her today to find out where she got them from. I think she will lie to me, but I will keep pushing.

If I find out who she got them from, should I call their parents?

Should I forbid her from seeing that person?

Forbid sleepovers?

She has just started her in-car practice for her license, should I threaten to put a stop to that?

I feel overwhelmed, disappointed and scared. I have no experience with drug addiction.

Looking back, recently, I noticed twice that she put her head down on our island, in an awkward way, in front of company. I even questioned her about it, and she said she was tired, and so after a few moments she raised her head again.

Other than that I haven’t noticed anything else.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Be A Mom

by: Ned Wicker

You go girl! The best thing for you to do is be a mom and don’t worry about being your daughter’s buddy, or concerning yourself with her attitude towards you.

If she is using drugs, she’s going to lie to you. It’s all part of the pattern. Call Al-Anon and get some support and counsel on what you can do. Al-Anon has moms just like you. Watch your daughter’s behaviors.

Is she sleeping too much, too little?

Does she keep up with her school work?

Has she lost interest in her friends, or started hanging our with new ones?

Have her habits and routines changed?

Has she lost weight?

Is she eating?

And if she got drugs from another girl/boy, absolutely share that with the other girl/boy’s mother. You’d want to know. Above all, educate yourself and be smart.

Don’t punish your daughter, but get her help. If she is using drugs, get her into treatment and don?t give her the car.

Be her mother and if that means being a pain in her neck, so be it.

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