What to do while he’s in rehab?

by Jen

(Spokane, WA )

Husband is addicted to meth and an alcoholic. He’s in 8 week rehab, I’m scared to be nice to him because I think maybe the he’ll think he doesn’t have to take it seriously.

Lay Down The Law

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Jen,

Your husband needs to be in treatment and if he thinks that overcoming his addiction to meth and alcohol is not serious business, you need to show him that there are consequences to the continuation of his addictive ways.

Is that the way you want to live?

Addiction destroys marriages and families. Fathers have been known to choose getting high over having a loving wife and a relationship with their children. His work is to get better. It’s serious business. Your future with him depends on his success. If he turns his life over to addiction, there will be no room for you anymore.

It’s good that he’s in there. Don’t let him come home until he is ready.

I would also recommend a call to Al-Anon to get some love and support for you. They know what you are going through and they know what it takes.

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