Wife wants divorce after rehab?

My wife is in an 8-month faith-based rehab, and out of nowhere says she's sorry but she doesn't love me anymore and is thinking of staying more than 8 months to be a counselor and live at the rehab.

Her parents are as torn up as am I and now she's saying she thought about getting a divorce right before she left. What's going on and how do I handle that? Because I'm not just going to leave after I worked so hard to get her help, I love her more than anything.

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Try to have her wait
by: Ned Wicker

People form attachments and relationships in treatment facilities and that is an unexpected consequence of the program. Not knowing what kind of treatment program she is in, I can't offer specifics, but needless to say your wife has to adjust to living a sober lifestyle and somehow you have to find your way into that new experience. She needs time.

A lot has happened to her, many changes and I am hoping her parents will help the situation. I'm not so sure I would want her as a counselor, as I sense she is unstable emotionally and needs adjustment time to get her feet under her.

Ex-users do make good counselors, but not until they have a proven track record of living clean and sober. If she was in a faith-based treatment program, they would not recommend a divorce. I think your wife is confused and in need of guidance.

Hang in there and tell her to wait at least a year and give herself time to heal.

by: Anonymous

I am going through a similar experience .. Coming out of treatment centre .. My wife also told me that she wants a divorce, and that she doesn't love me like that anymore .. That was 2 years ago .. And I am still holding onto the woman that I love ... As painful as it is .. We have to understand that the woman they were before is NOT who they are now ... If you find a solution!! Please let me know!
Good luck to you.

Welcome to Female Rehab
by: Anonymous

The very first thing that rehab counselors do is to convince the patient that all men are evil. This is a cult. I've been there. There is nothing you can do.

Husband leaves me after rehab
by: Anonymous

I am in the same situation. My husband just completed his rehab treatment at the end of February and decided to move to a halfway house instead of coming home. He says he doesn't love me anymore and his sobriety is the most important thing.

But he is running with about 10-20 daily that he met in rehab and said they are his life now. I am numb after all the abuse and hurt he put me through, while struggling with his drug addiction, now that he is sober he doesn't want to be married anymore.

He has traded me for a life with the people he met in rehab. I am deeply in love with my husband, always forgave him, always supported him and prayed for him. I feel abandoned, heartbroken and confused. I need help how to cope with us. It doesn't make sense.

Wife wants a divorce after rehab
by: Anonymous

My wife has been in rehab for 40 days now. After 20 days of being there, she told me she wanted a divorce. We have 4 kids. I have felt so alone. I love her more than anything. Her therapist told her she has to divorce me and that i mentally and emotionally abuse her. She went to rehab because she wanted to save our marriage.

Rehab now divorce
by: Anonymous

My wife went into rehab about 30 days ago. Since then she has called only to ask for money. It's really hard not to resent her for her sickness and take this all personally, but she doesn't even sound the same anymore.

She has already brought up divorce when I told her she needs to stay at her parents house when she comes back so she doesn't fall right back. I want her to avoid temptation and she said she was going to do that, but I think it hurt just hearing it from me.

I hate to say throughout this time I have grown further away from her, seeing how life is actually easier and stress-less and that might also apply to her and the way she's feeling. I feel like I've tried everything to try to help my wife except Let Her Go.

We have a pretty bad past which is probably or possibly one of the reasons she likes the numb her self. I forgave her but she never forgave herself. I will always love her, but now I need to start loving myself and taking care of me. I feel being with me and her and the pain she caused our family will that would draw her right back into addiction which is something I would never want to happen. I am very sorry to Let Her Go although it hurts so bad. I know it will be the only thing that would help her heal and to stay healed is to take off that Band-Aid which was me the Band-Aid and possibly put another one on.

I will love my wife always even after the legal process says we're not married anymore, and I will always still be her support system because that was my friend before my lover.

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