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Drug addiction solution and treatment

The single most important thing to remember when talking about an addiction solution and treatment is that every good treatment program is individually created to meet the personal needs of the patient. The second most important thing to consider is that if the person is already in treatment all efforts should be made to keep him/her there to complete the program and get into a solid recovery program.

Many Won’t Get Treatment

Let’s back up for a moment. It’s all too often very difficult, if not nearly impossible, to get someone into treatment if they are well advanced in their disease. The drug has taken over their life, their life has unraveled and they may even be suffering negative consequences, such has health issues, run-ins with the law and even incarceration.

Sometimes people go into treatment two, three or four times without success before something clicks and they get on the right track. The number of times a person tries isn’t what counts, trying is what counts. Relapse is often part of the disease and don’t give up if you or your loved one relapses, keep supporting them and get them to get back into treatment if you can.

No One Want to get Drug addiction solution and treatment.

It’s a busy world and people dread the thought of having to go into treatment and people are worried about missing time at work. However, there are options. Treatment used to mean 90-120 days in a residential facility, but now, more and more, there are out-patient options, especially for opiate addicts.

Something that works for YOU!

Whether in-patient or out-patient, it’s important to find a Drug addiction solution and treatment program that is sensitive to age, gender and respectful of cultural and religious background. What you need to get better is the important issue, but also remember that the professionals at a treatment center will understand what you need. You may not like it. CBT is often a good choice for Drug addiction solution and treatment.

So what kind of treatment will you get? One proven effective approach to Drug addiction solution and treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which focuses on our thoughts that cause feelings and behaviors, not the external factors.

A patient might go through 10-15 sessions and will receive homework assignments in this highly instructive interaction. The focus is the patient learning new skills. It’s a collaborative effort between the patient and the therapist.

Group therapy can really work if you work it.

Treatment centers also offer group therapy, which is valuable because when people open up and share their experiences, there is an energy and power that a group can offer. Unlike CBT, which is one-on-one, the group setting brings another dynamic and is an excellent lead-in to meetings that people attend after treatment.

12 step programs should ALWAYS be part of the plan.

Drug addiction solution and treatment can also include 12 Step recovery, art therapy, music therapy and physical activity. Treatment programs are set up to meet the body, mind and spirit needs of the patient, not just the physical addiction part. The idea is to rebuild a life, not just get somebody off drugs.

Because we are all spiritual beings, regardless of religion or the lack of religion, the spirit needs care the same way the body and mind need care, and so any Drug addiction treatment program will take time to tend to spiritual needs.

The 12 Step does a pretty good job of bringing out the spiritual in people, but there are also rituals that people embrace, which may or may not carry a religious theme. It might be the lighting of a candle, or the way the house is decorated for the holidays, or the way friends come together and support each other in times of trouble, but these rituals are important.

Some drugs like Suboxone can support the recovery process.

During treatment, patients may or may not require medication. Often, medical detoxification is necessary at the beginning of a treatment program, and as we mentioned treatment programs for opiates may include the use of Suboxone or other drugs to help with the withdrawal symptoms of the addiction.

Patients also may need nutritional supplements or special dietary considerations depending on their overall health when they enter treatment.

Trust your gut!

You can see that treatment centers take great care and try to insure that the needs of each patient are met. When selecting a treatment center it is always good to ask plenty of questions and have an understanding of how things will work. The important thing is to stay with it and work

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Drug Addiction Solution can be effective but can also be a waste of time and money if not well structured for the needs of the patient.

For more information about a drug addiction solution and denial visit: Drug Addiction Denial or Suboxone Detox or Drug Alcohol Rehab.

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