Will someone kidnap my son?

by Mark

Is there a organization that will kidnap my drug addict 21 yr old son and keep him for 30 days till he is clean. I will donate $. I have tried all else.

Please help!

I don’t care if it’s sanctioned or not.

He Needs Treatment

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Mark,

Many parents are frustrated by watching their; sons throw away their lives through reckless behavior, but you must first understand that Substance Use Disorder (SUD), “addiction” is a brain disease, so merely kidnapping your son and forcing the crud out of his system isn’t the answer.

He just isn’t using for that month and will go right back to find his dealer and immediately pick up his habit. He will likely be in serious jeopardy of overdose at that time, because the system builds a tolerance to the drug, meaning more and more is needed to achieve the desired results.

If that tolerance is gone and the same amount of drug is used, that could spell trouble.

What might be a better idea for you is to formulate a game plan. You can speak to counselors at drug treatment centers, or a local hospital, or your family doctor. Tell them what is going on and ask what you can do to facilitate some positive action.

Your son is going to have to realize that there are consequences for his actions, so if you are the one providing food, clothing and shelter, you are the one helping to feed his lifestyle. Why should he change if you are there to pay for everything?

Parents cringe at the idea of throwing junior out of the house, so they enable the bad behavior. Think of it this way, drug addiction is like committing suicide on the installment plan. Sooner or later, left unchecked, it’s going to bite you hard.

Organizations like Al-anon are created to help people like you, parents who really don’t know where to turn. They provide emotional support, guidance and millions have benefitted from the membership.

While you are focused on your son, and that’s a good thing, you also need to understand that you need help, just like he does. SUD/addiction is a family disease, so every member of the family has a role to play in the addict getting into treatment and recovery.

A last resort is not as obvious. Law enforcement is there to serve the public. They also understand more than you know. Sometimes you can save a life by having them arrested.


by: Anonymous

Jail is a death sentence for a drug user. He will be forced to barter sex for drugs no condoms and use HIV infected syringes. Then he will have a criminal record, no job, no cash, and sick because he can’t afford HIV meds. Love him. Get support for you and trust in your God!

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