Younger Sister and Boyfriend Both Addicts?

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Younger Sister and Boyfriend Both Addicts?

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Toxic and Going Nowhere

by: Ned Wicker


You’re probably feeling a little helpless right now, but there is actually a lot you can do if you really want to try to push the stone uphill.

Call Al-Anon first and talk to them about getting some help and support. You need education on how to help an addict, i.e. your sister.

I agree, forget the boyfriend because he can’t possibly love her and take care of a child. You need to separate them.

Get your family involved and make sure they are on the same page. You might want to call a treatment center or a local hospital and get an interventionist.

Your sister is a sick girl and needs to get pulled out of the fire. Her boyfriend will only kill her. He’s bad news and needs treatment, but you have to separate them.

Younger sister…

by: Lynette


Hi Brooke-

You made the first step-you reached out for help. Believe me-YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I totally agree with Ned’s comments.

My son has been struggling with drug and alcohol abuse for 13 years. Al Anon meetings have helped me so much (they talk about drug addiction, too). There you will find others who are in the same or similar situation as yourself.

Do not help them in any way (UNLESS it involves getting some help for their substance abuse). Do not help them financially, or bail them out of jail if, God forbid, that should happen. If you help them it will just make it easier for them to continue their current actions.

For many years I helped my son in every way possible and I finally see that it actually hurt him because he did not experience the full consequences of his actions, which allowed him to continue his destructive behavior.

If they are willing, they could go to Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

Get all the support you can for yourself. I go to Al Anon, see a counselor, talk to my minister, and see a physician’s assistant. You need to take care of yourself as a top priority.

Good luck and I’ll pray for you-Lynette

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