Son in Methadone clinic, what services are available?

I would like to know what services are available for me and my wife to handle our 28 year old son who is getting treatment from a methadone clinic.

We would like to get counseling for us and see what kind of services are available for him and us.

It has put a strain on us financially and our marriage.

We live in Omaha, NE

by: Anonymous

get him out of a methadone clinic they can be horribly run,
look into Suboxone it is a non-narcotic drug used to block dopamine receptors.

Finding someone to talk to try webmd or or call your local rehab facility and talk to their aftercare coordinator.


by: Anonymous

Most clinics welcome family members to come in for counseling sessions with their loved one. They won’t talk to you unless they have written consent from the patient, however–that’s the law.

I teach orientation classes for new patients and I always love it when the patients bring family members, as it allows me to share important information with them and tell them how best to be supportive of their loved one’s treatment.

One of the most important things to know is that there is no certain length of time treatment should last.

The patient should remain in treatment for as long as they derive benefit from it. Many patients remain in treatment for life, and while this may seem surprising, it’s really not–this is a medication for a chronic, incurable disease of the brain chemistry.

Methadone works to replace the natural endorphins no longer produced by the opioid addict’s brain, stabilizing and normalizing the brain chemistry so the patient can function normally.

It does not cause a high or euphoria in stable patients.

Pushing patients to get off methadone before they are ready or want to do so almost always results in disaster.

The relapse rate for those leaving MMT is 90% in the first year. However, for those who remain IN treatment, the success rate is higher than with any other form of treatment available today, by far.

Methadone Treatment

by: Anonymous

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is a Federal agency within the US Department of Health and Human Services.

SAMHSA maintains a substance abuse facility locator that includes treatment centers in your community.

The State of Nebraska substance Abuse agency can provide you with additional information about the services this program would provide.

Robert Lubran

Want to know about methadone

by: George

It will take a short while for the clinic to find the proper amount of methadone to help your son.

After that, he will not be interested in opiates.

He will have a counselor at the clinic.

I do not know what services are available to parents.

Privacy is important to methadone patients just as it is in other programs.

If you want to know more about methadone you can start with:

Find a Meeting

by: Ned Wicker

There are thousands of parents, just like you, all over America and that is why Al-Anon is in every market.

My suggestion to you is to find an Al-Anon meeting and go to them for the help and support you need.

The facility where your son receives his methadone treatment should also offer some support services for family members.

I can understand the strain it has put on you. You need to get help for yourself, as addiction is a family disease, so give Al-Anon a try.

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