My friend’s son is a drug addict.

My friend’s son is a drug addict. He is 18 years old.

She is suffering hugely.

I have suggested a support group.

Can you tell me if Alanon is appropriate?

Is it just for alcoholics?

There are a lot of Alanon meetings in our area.

A Lonely Battle

by: Ned Wicker

Your friend is in a dreadful and lonely place. When parents discover that their child is an addict, they immediately feel as though they have to do something to rescue them, or that the battle is theirs alone to fight.

The truth is, the battle is for everyone who is a member of the family, or a close friend, or someone who cares. Your friend is NOT alone and that’s what Al-Anon is about.

She needs to get connected to resources and Al-Anon can help. Perhaps people feel as though they are alone, but that’s the time to draw to others and get a plan together to help the one they love overcome the grip of addiction.

Your friend doesn’t have to be alone and should not go it alone. She needs the help of professional people, who will know how to deal with the addiction and the best way to move forward.

Yes, call Al-Anon, or a local drug treatment center, or a local hospital or the family doctor.

The sooner she gets connected to resources the better for her son.

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