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Crystal Meth Abuse

by: Kimberly Victorino

Women like your mother is the one prone to drugs. People become addicted to methamphetamine because it promotes weight loss and heightens the stamina and the brain activity.

Crystal Meth Abuse, and other drugs such as taking excessive amount of medication, like what your mom did, can have the mildest side effects include paranoia, irritability and anxiety. When meth abuse is more severe, it can make the addicted individual violent due to extreme paranoia, suffer from permanent psychosis or be at risk of heart failures or strokes.

This site will help you and your sibling to know more about the effect of these drugs and what you can do to help your mom recover.

You Need A Plan

by: Ned Wicker


Families often ask what they can do or what they should do, which is why groups like Al-Anon are so useful.

Your mothers anxiety over her mother is an excuse, and certainly her pattern of behavior is not in keeping with what we would call a healthy lifestyle. The trips to emergency are drug-seeking expeditions.

Get the family together and have a conference, seek the help of a professional person to help you help your mom. It sounds like she needs treatment. Her cycle of addiction has to stop.

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