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Addiction questions we've received:

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How can we get help for our adult son and his girlfriend who are both using drugs? 
Our adult son and girlfriend are on drugs, I need help for him and her can u help us?

I need help with my addiction and my brain?  
I am struggling with addiction to painkillers, methamphetamine, Xanax and depression I am a 38 year old male with a family. Also, I am the sole provider …

The kids were playing with the video camera and recording themselves in the basement of our house and they left it down there still recording. Well, when …

My mum's addicted to heroin 
I always knew my mother was a drug user but I thought it was light drugs just some cannabis at the weekend etc. Turns out she smokes heroin. I found …

I lost my relationship and i needed to know if this is why? 
Okay so i have no idea about drugs. But my partner and I were beyond happy. Then we started fighting a lot about dumb stuff. Now we broke up i wanted to …

How can i not get caught by medical tests after taking yaba? 
I'm struggling from a serious freedom situation! Please let me know how i can avoid getting caught on the medical tests even though i take yaba occasionally??!!! …

Which blood test can identify yaba addiction?  
I have concerns that my boyfriend is taking yaba. We're in a 10 year of relationship I don't want to leave him without trying to help him. I just need …

Can a Heroin addict trick home urine test ? 
I am trying to help a family member with recovery. She is 23 and has been addicted for a couple years. She says she is done and clean and going through …

I recognized someone in one of your photos and I need to contact him? 
Hi, I came across this site while searching and recognized Ferf in the family picture. We use to work with him. If he is a counselor or affiliated …

To use your perscribed meds 
What if your loved one is using his prescribed meds but isn't taking them the way that they are suppose to be taking them? They are suppose to be taking …

Looking for family group in Edinburgh? 
I wanted to find a group I could attend for family of addict in Edinburgh. I was wondering what would be best for my adult child. I live in Bangkok and …

Need to find a support group in Windsor, CT.?  
I am looking for a support group in the Windsor CT area for my mother and grandmother to attend. My brother is a drug addict and it has really taken a …

Permission to use "cycle of addiction" article? 
Hello, Could I please have permission to use your 'cycle of addiction' for the basis of an information piece for Screensafe UK? Screensafe UK provide …

Where can I find help in Springfield Massachusetts? 
Do you have a place in Springfield Ma? Would there be an affective way to get him to go? He needs help before its too late. He's only 36.

Nucynta ER 
My wife has been using opiate pain medicine for years, doctor shopping, etc. when she ran out of legal options to keep herself going, her healthcare professional …

Can I help a friend? 
One of my oldest and dearest friends has been struggling with alcoholism since her early 20s (she's 51 now). She got sober 16 years ago and was extremely …

Loved one NEEDS treatment! 
Is there a way to get a loved one into a court-ordered treatment program for alcoholism? I don't know what else to do to get them to stop drinking? They …

What is the percentage of teen narcotic abuse? 
What is the percentage of teen narcotic abuse?

Almost lost him! 
In 1999 I lost my dad to homelessness due to alcoholism--but because i never gave up on him in 2002 he came back to our family a sober man--we had it all, …

How can I get a job? 
I am looking for advice on how to get a job with a not so good but not so bad background. I have two DUI's in Wisconsin and a misdemeanor disorderly conduct …

Friend Addicted? 
I have a friend who is addicted to drugs and I want to help... What can I do?

What should I do if my fianc√© started using drugs again but it was only twice? 
My boyfriend of 4 months proposed a month and a half ago and we're getting married in September. The last 2 months he has been very moody and over reacting …

What can I do? 
I am severely addicted to amphetamines, I need HELP PLEASE!

Both parents addicted? 
I am a grateful recovering addict and have been sober for a little more than 3 years now. I am very concerned of my step dad and his alcoholism and my …

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Want to share addiction story? 
Will my info be shared with anyone? I feel sharing my story about addiction will help me move forward past this nightmare in my life so I can live …

What can I do? 
I had 110 days clean and sober. I slipped up on the 14th and 15th of this month. (yesterday and the day before) What can I do? Meetings have never …

Information for senior project 
I'm doing my senior project on drug addiction and groups that help the people that are addicted to stop. I found a lot of amazing information that I really …

Help with research paper on addiction 
I am a medical assistant student at Bryant & Stratton College in Richmond, VA. I am doing a research paper on drug addiction and the effects it has on …

Where can I find family support? 
I am a mother of a 25 year old who is using drugs. He has a fiance and two children. Is there support for family members in the Masillon, or Canton Ohio …

How do I prevent my son from becoming the next one to develop these problems?  
I am the father of a 7 year old boy whose mother is an alcoholic but denies she has a problem. Her father and brother all have dependency problem. …

My sister's an addict 
What effects do addicts have when they're on cocaine?

How to help our son who is in treatment? 
Good Morning, I am writing because I am looking for help for myself, my family and my son. We (mom, dad, sister, wife and in-laws) had an intervention …

Is generic of Subutex the same? 
Hi My service has been asked to replace Subutex with generic Buprenorphine to reduce cost, and rightly so. However, a couple of patients have experienced …

I started shooting dope at fourteen, I'm now 42 and am struggling with suboxone. I'm afraid to kick it, I have detoxed off everything else but subs. …

Co-worker addicted to oxy? 
I have a co-worker who started using oxy at work. I've tried telling him several times that he is very irritable, unpleasant and crazy looking but he would …

where can i go online to talk to others in recovery from drug addiction? 
I was addicted to heroin. I tried suboxone and it didn't work. It took me losing everything to quit. I have been sober for 1 1/2 yrs and am trying …

Need help for meth addiction? 
Can you please help me get help for drug addiction to meth? Also, I need counseling for mental health and I'm in the closet with being gay. Thanks, …

On 16 March 1972 my beautiful baby boy was born. Such a beautiful baby, such a gentle little boy, such a helpful gentle little boy. He moved in with …

Need to find sessions? 
We have a 36 year old addict now at The Maverick location. We need to attend two sessions in order to see her. We live in Queen Creek.

Our daughter is a coke addict; she went to rehab, got discharged because of male contact. Now doing the 12-step recovery. Very concerned that she …

Need help to id new drug? 
Hi, My husband has been addicted to many drugs in our 14 yrs together and he has a new one but won't amit to it. I need help to figure out what it is …

What medications, processes and vitamins will be covered by insurance if i go on mental health treatment? 
I have a mental health problem for drug abuse and alcohol. What treatment process, and prescriptions will be covered by insurance?

Confidentiality and monetary costs? 
Alcoholism, I can't stop with the alcohol consumption but I want to stop?

Smoking Meth? 
I'm a heavy meth smoker and have been smoking meth for 10+ years, I am prostituting my body for Meth money...

I don't like the thought of being addicted, but it feels like past things haunt me. I exist when I'm around people; but when I'm alone I hide from my own …

Support group in upstate New York? 
Is there a support group in upstate New york near Watertown or Syracuse? My daughter's husband was injured in Iraq and he is taking many prescription …

Hello, I have read through some of your subjects now, and have found several very false data, that you cannot comment on. I was just wondering if that …

Marijuana and asthma? 
My son has asthma and he believes smoking marijuana will help his asthma? Is this correct?

Young drug addict 
Hello all, Currently, I am a 20 year old college student. My boyfriend (almost 21) of over 2 years is struggling with an awful addiction, and I would …

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MIL uses use pot everyday - wants to watch the kids? 
My Mother-in-law has depression issues, we believe she is bi-polar and uses marijuana everyday. She takes multiple prescription drugs. She wants …

Looking for good program? 
I am currently working on publishing a paper, based on the initiation of Drug Courts. My question for you is, which I may have over looked on your website, …

Bipolar medication 
Will an Arizona doctor prescribe bipolar medication to an ex-drug addict?

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- Matthew 7:7-8

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