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What percentage of marriages stay together after husband gets treatment for heroin addiction?

by Lynne

My husband has just started on Suboxone for his addiction to heroin but I have lost all my respect for him and I am very angry that he is incapable of taking responsibility for the trail of financial and emotional destruction left in his wake?

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You need support during this difficult time.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Lynne,

I don't blame you at all for your anger at your husband because of all of the destruction his addiction has caused your family. Heroin addiction is a disease that attacks the brain and renders us totally incapable of thinking or caring about ANYTHING but getting the drug that our brain is convincing us that we NEED to survive.

Because of the destruction caused by addiction most marriages don't survive. I don't have the exact statistics but the divorce rate with addiction is likely more than 75%.

You need to find support to get through this very difficult time. Re-building your life is going to happen one day at a time. Learning to be able to trust your husband will take a lot of time also, but you must be careful because relapse is ALWAYS a looming problem with opiate addiction.

Be careful to only trust him once he has earned that trust with VERIFIED (drug tested) sobriety for at least six month if not longer.

I would highly recommend that you start attending Al-anon meetings and working the 12 steps. Al-anon will help you to understand what you and your husband are dealing with and also help you to navigate his recovery while also protecting you and your family from additional harm.

As addict, it's impossible for your husband to control his addiction but hopefully he is getting intensive treatment and attending meetings while he is using Suboxone, this will allow him to learn the skills necessary to avoid diving into the pit of addiction again.

Once you begin going to meetings please encourage him to go with you because both of you working the program has shown to significantly improve his changes of recovery and hopefully will allow you to stay with him as he works to become the the man you married.

Good Luck,


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