Please i need advise! Please tell me what you think!

I was in love with an addict few years ago. With him i felt alive and full of energy. If there was something i had to do (get on with my studies, cook, clean) I'd do it with a lot of energy because he was just so handsome!

He was my first love and my first everything else. With time I could see a personality disorder but i was ready to stick to it because i believe all men have faults and he was the only one so far for whom i was ready to fight.

After we started quarreling heavily i could see he had a reality distortions, like he couldn't judge properly things. To give you an example, i could cook great but if he came home and saw i didn't clean under the table he would get mad and start believing i wasn't wedding material or a good girl.

He liked me a lot and had a lot of passion towards me but if his friends would tell him that they did not like me, he would start thinking i was wrong cos his friends must be right. They persuaded him to leave me and i cried all my tears. This was just the beginning!!

He came back and forth so many times. Each time he left, i believed with all my self he would never come back due to all abusive talk and then when he would come back crying, with all the best intentions saying i was the girl to marry. I let him do this. He was the only one for me. But then something would always happen. He couldn't cope with my faults although they are regular ones. When he left me the last time another girl came. She did everything possible to get him , she took 6 months to win him over and his friends were all pushing him to get cos she liked to drink and get drunk whereas i didn't...

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Life with a drug addict!
by: Anonymous

I can tell you from 25 years of dealing with a drug addict it's a painful journey. Not only do they destroy themselves, but you also.

Mine is living with a death sentence, he has cirrhosis and hep b and c. He has beat death twice in 4 years and still continues to use and drink.

I am no longer with him. He couldn't do right and let me help him, as always in DENIAL. Believe me they are the first to bail on you in times of need. I'm moving on and have been for last 5 years. I no longer have any desire to see him. He's on his own or with his next victim. I saw and heard it all when I was with him.

Now he's holy rollin, same old games different day, different players. I got tired of guilt trips, etc. Being with a crack, meth, main liner, alcoholic is not cool!! There's more to life...

I'm seeing a great guy now,he knows him. My new guy says nobody need feel sorry for this addict because he has no life, this is the road he chose and still does.

So if you're reading this don't waste your time, money, happiness,and most of all peace of mind trying to save or help someone who has no intentions of cleaning up their act. Live life and be happy and let them GO...Only they can help themselves and I haven't seen that.

They live their lives in a revolving door, if you there jump out. To all of you that read this and have lived with an addict I wish you much love and happiness in in a new life without that bull.

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