Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming Addiction

Humor Makes Its Point

When going through the Overcoming Addiction with clients for the first time, it’s easy to get caught up in the medical aspects of drug abuse, the social aspects of addiction, the debate over whether or not God exists and the merits of even trying 12-Step.

Our initial discussions can be rather lively at times, but well worth while to answer questions and put people at ease. I’d like to think that the sessions are well organized and effective, but for some reason, near the end, when we share the "12-Steps in Reverse", a lot of what we had been talking about takes shape.

Humor is an excellent tool, and I personally think the Overcoming Addiction- 12 Step in Reverse is a hoot. I got this version from a friend, who got it from someone else. I don’t know the author. There is a 12-Step in Reverse version on 12-Step.com, which is close to the following one and very funny. They think it might have come from AA Grapevine.

We dedicate this version to the person who thought of it.

"12-Step Program in Reverse"

Step 1: I stated that I could handle my liquor and drugs and was master of my fate.

Step 2: I firmly believed that I was entirely rational and sane in every respect.

Step 3: I made a decision to run my own life and be successful in all my undertakings.

Step 4: I made a searching and thorough inventory of my fellow man and found him lacking.

Step 5: I admitted to no one, including God and myself, that there was anything wrong with me.

Step 6: I sought through alcohol to overcome my responsibilities and escape the realities of life.

Step 7: I got drunk to remove these shortcomings.

Step 8: I made a list of all persons who had harmed me, whether imaginary or real, and swore to get even.

Step 9: I got even whenever possible, except when to do so would further injure me.

Step 10: I continued to find fault with the world and the people in it, and when I was right, promptly admitted it.

Step 11: I sought through conniving and hypocrisy to improve myself materially at the expense of my fellow man, as I misunderstood him, asking only for the means to get or stay drunk and escape the realities of life.

Step 12: After having had s complete moral, financial and physical breakdown, I tried to drag those who were dear to me down to my level and to practice this reasoning in all my affairs.

These 12-Step recovery in reverse steps always leave people laughing and the number one most common statement in response is, “This is more true than you know.”

For more 12-Step Recovery and Overcoming Addiction link to Intervention

Born without a chance :(

by Robert

My name is Robert . I’m 16years old and I am a meth addict. I was born 3months early 1lb 13oz. My mom is a heroin addict and my dad is in prison.

I remember being little and moving from house to house every months or two… foster care to foster care. Sometimes my mom would get me back though. I thought this was normal that everybody moved around a lot that kids didn’t go out and play with other kids.

I was 12 when I started to smoke weed and drink I got into the gang life. By 13 I’m smoking meth and robbing houses. I grew up in abusive homes I was an angry kid who hated the world.

I learned quickly that you can’t trust anybody not even yourself. I never had to go to elementary school because my mom didn’t care. If I missed the bus then I didn’t have to go. They held me back in first grade because I barley went. In fifth grade I got kicked out for gang activity. I still couldn’t read. I learned how to read small things in 6th grade. I started going to juvie.

I learned everything I needed to by then. I learned that juvie gave you structure and I like structure. I learned how to read bigger words in juvie I learned respect. I did 2months straight in Whatcom county juvenile detention center. In 8th grade I was only out for a total of 3weeks. By then I’ve been to 2different rehab.

Now I’m 16 and I’ve been to 5rehabs. I’m in the John King Recovery House in Mt. Vernon. I have 105 days clean I’d like any support I can get if you read this send me a letter or something. Thank you for reading.

by: Nonna

Congratulations on your Sobriety. Life is One Day at Time for All of Us. You have a lot to give to others believe in yourself. I am going to share the following my 86 yr old father shared with my 18 yr old daughter right before she entered inpatient treatment.


Find Your Higher Power and Win Young Man as I BELIEVE in You


by: Anonymous

Stay strong man! We all believe in you!

Always a chance!
by: smitty183

I am happy and proud of those 105 days! You just keep it up. Remember all things happen for a reason, that is my belief.

I have been an addict for more than forty five years. And I still can't live without medicine due to abuse in my working ways. I really believe these are from things that happened in my youth.

I'm from the very early sixties, which was a very troubling time due to wars, civil rights, drugs and assignations of individuals whom believed the world could be a better place.

When I was a young lad my parents went through a divorce, which in those days was unheard of. I did my best to keep the family together. I was the youngest and I really didn't stand a chance.

I was so ashamed because of the era in which this happened. I carry this to this day.I didn't want children because I thought I would be the same. Genetics of course. I will finish this in another chapter soon!

Peace to all

by: Charmaine

Thank you for sharing. You were born with a chance. Take that chance. God kept your little tiny body here for a reason. Take care and good luck. Mentor to others please.

by: Robert

Stay sober an take this stuff serious, it's a struggle but its worth it.

God bless you
by: Natalie...UK

Your story brought a tear to my eye..the reason i'm on this website is because i'm going in rehab in 2 week, i was one of the lucky ones i had a great up bringing, it was a bad bad relationship that got me here. But gosh most people who would have had the up bringing you have had would either be dead either by the gun or drugs..you should be very very proud of yourself..stay strong..take care...Natalie xx

Hard life
by: Anonymous

Boy i am proud of you.

You did it, you came away from that stuff,
a thing which hundreds of other people couldn't manage to do.


Good Job
by: Anonymous

I commend you for that. Indeed, you are a very strong person. Just keep your ground and stay away from your old life. Try to follow the Lord, go to any church you feel comfortable with and you will find peace and love around you.

You're young and have lots of good things ahead of you. Make use of yourself to educate others and hopefully get your family back in track (if they are not yet there). I'm praying that you'll find love and care from the people around you.

Be strong and try to change your fate, your childhood won't be a hindrance for you to prosper in the future.

Good luck and God bless.

Your so strong
by: Anonymous

Wow that's amazing! so proud of you. I know it's hard to be born to a family that just doesn't care and it seems unfair but look how strong you are!

You are all you need :D Keep going never give up and do it all for you so that one day you can provide other people or your children with all you have xx God bless xox

by: Awesome !!!!

Robert that's what's up !!!! Man I'm sorry that you had to grow up in that kinda life-style, but one things for sure man and that is GOD is giving you another chance at having a healthy life-style.

Dude, you could do so much good for kids your age and younger on telling them that the gang life and drug use is no way to go !!! Man God is gonna use you to get to younger kids and get their lives on track.

I myself am fighting addiction and it's a battle everyday, but just being able to wake up and go to work everyday instead of chasing down dope all day is a great feeling.

Just keep doing what your doing and don't lose hope or faith. Hold on tight cus your in for a ride of a lifetime. God will bless you !!!! Good luck and God bless you..... c-ya. J R M in Goshen, Ohio

Thank you
by: Robert

I get out in less than a month an I've been going to 2 meetings a day, thank you for the support.

Much to Look Forward To
by: Ned Wicker

Dear Robert,

Congratulations on your sobriety. The treatment center is exactly the place for you to be at this time, but there is much to look forward to. Being 16 is difficult, but you have a chance.

You know that you're a meth addict and you're learning how to manage this disease. You cannot help the family you were born into, but you can decide to help yourself.

The meth will just kill you, but you can overcome by focusing on what you want to do with your life and learning how to live without the drug. Your chances are excellent, providing you are willing to let people come around and help you. When you get out of treatment go to meetings.

Keep in contact with the therapists and let them know how you are doing. Stay in the recovery community. There's a lot of life ahead and you can enjoy all of it.

and Finally Remember:

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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