16 and selling myself

I was 13 when i started smoking pot, 15 when i started doing e and 16 when i started doing prescription drugs with all the speed, coke and e i could find.

About two weeks after i started eating pills i was selling myself to get more. I stole everything i could from my parents, i sold myself over and over to different men for drugs and i was homeless for almost a year.

In a flash i was staying awake for 10-11 days and doing things to the people i loved the most that today bring tears to my eyes. I stole everything i could get my hands on, i had to shop clothes for 12 year old’s and i almost killed myself more than once.

Today, I’m a recovering mom doing my best to take one day at a time and looking back at the person i was and thanking God for bringing me back to earth. I’m proud of the things I’m doing and it’s all thanks to the 12-step program.

If somebody out there reads this and has the same problem, please get help before it’s too late. I just buried my friend 3 days ago and it’s not a joke how quickly this will kill you.

Looking Forward

by: Ned Wicker

The beauty of the 12-Step process is that it brings body, mind and spirit back to wholeness. I am very pleased that you are in recovery and can once again love your children and enjoy your family. You have your life back.

Sadly, there are so many young people who do not believe it is possible to recover their lives, and even sadder that the addiction robs them of their humanity and ability to recognize anything of value in life.

A substance use disorder strips away our ability to reason and understand that we are in so much trouble and you know that all to well. The diseased mind only wants more drugs, regardless of what the addiction does to the person.

I am so very sorry about your friend. That is the unintended consequence of using drugs. The reality of this kind of life is that it leads one way unless it is stopped.

People do not intentionally become an addict, but they become prey to a hungry predator who grabs hold and doesn’t let go. It turns otherwise bright and promising young people into mindless zombies, living on the streets, one fix away from the end of life. You think about what could have been. You mourn the loss of these people.

The people in the 12 Step programs understand what real friendship is about. When you go to meetings, you meet people who are genuine, who care and who will watch your back.

They are people you can count on because they know you and love you for who you are. The unbridled support, the acceptance in a recovery group is like no other.

You are clean and sober now. This is cause for celebration. It’s a life reclaimed. Allow yourself to live and grow. All the best.

Bad things happen to good people: “Her Letters from Prison”

by: Heather Heaton

I (Heather Heaton) am recommending my new ebook (“Her Letters from Prison”) as a motivational resource for reading pleasure, review, contemplation, and comment. My ebook will validate your inquisitive doubts about what goes on in women’s prisons; it can justify the efforts spent toward ministries to women’s prisons; and it can be an inspirational (tell-it-like-it-is) resource for drug rehab/prevention programs.

The book is non-fiction inspirational prison romance (It is what it is!); and the original letters are included as images for authenticity. You can go to http://www.heather-heaton.com and purchase “Her Letters from Prison”, Parts 1 and 2.

If you don’t happen to own a Kindle, Nook, or some other eReader device, then download the FREE Adobe Digital Editions software to your computer to read the “epub” version of my ebook. Multiple versions of my ebook are available on Smashwords.

Now, I am a 34 year old college student trying to better my life, in spite of the baggage I carry from my previous life.

A brief description of the ebook follows:
1. Breanna tells the true story of her experiences in prison through her letters to her friend Heath. This is a story of survival and a quest to make a better life. The letters describe the daily shocking events of prison life involving drugs, sex, utter devastation and humiliation, anger, hopelessness, despair, and finally happiness and hope.

2. Breanna’s “truth” stands still even as the world around her trembles and burns! Bad things do happen to good people; and Breanna is the perfect example of this truth.

3. Breanna’s inner strengths and principles eventually win out over the corruption and evil that surrounds her. With God’s help, Breanna survives the horrible experiences of prison life and regains her self-confidence and hope for a better life.

4. “Breanna” was an inmate at Tutwiler Women’s Prison from 2007 to 2009.

5. “Breanna” benefitted from women’s prison ministries and the LIFE Tech-Wetumpka state-funded self-help program.

Heather Heaton
[email protected]

Customer/Reader Review of “Her Letters from Prison” Heather, ever since you first contacted me about your ebooks (and when I received them) I have been giving them traction. At least two women on my case load checked them out, (like a library card so I would get them back) and were very moved by the content.

I haven’t had another problem with their behavior since they read them. So…I know they are working. They should be required reading, ordered by a Judge before women are sentenced to probation, so that they would fully understand the consequences of their behavior.

Gary Parsons

Parole Officer

State of Alabama – Board of Pardons & Parole

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