Alcohol Intervention

Alcohol Intervention

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Alcohol Intervention: Denial a Common Problem That MUST Be Overcome

you are a friend or a family member of someone who is either abusing
alcohol or already addicted, you’re probably wondering what you can do
to help.

The biggest problem you face is that the abuser
or addict thinks this is YOUR problem, or you’re making a fuss over
nothing. “I can handle it.” The last one in the room to know there is a
problem is the one who has it.

Alcohol Intervention

There is help for an intervention

seen what’s going on and you are thinking of ways to stop the behavior.
Maybe you’ve decided to do an intervention for that person you care
about and “get real” with him or her.

Your motives are pure, but
you are probably not equipped to help. You probably need the assistance
of an interventionist, someone who is trained in drug and alcohol

You’re not going to be left out of the room, as the
interventionist will work with the family and friends to plan the best
approach to the abuser or addict, based upon his/her history of use.

interventionist will plan according to the user’s drug of choice, make
the proper analysis and map out a specific strategy based on the
information gathered.

Each alcohol intervention can be different

will vary, depending on the user’s history. If the person is already
well into alcoholism, the interventionist must make that adjustment to
the strategy. That’s where friends and family come in.

the interventionist will understand the approaches to handling addicts
with alcoholism, cocaine abuse, heroin addiction, or those who are
abusing inhalants or methamphetamine.

Regardless of the drug,
trained professional help is available for an intervention. They are the
ones who can give an accurate and objective account of the user’s
behavior. If someone has just moved from being an occasional user to a
frequent user, that requires a different approach than the one for a
person who is a long-time abuser. Friends and family are vital to this

Many people completely under estimate their problem

who are caught in alcoholism do not realize the severity of their
problem. The only thing that matters in their life is getting the drug,
regardless of the consequences. Health problems are not considered.
Legal problems are not considered.

The person who used to be
rational and law-abiding has been swallowed by alcohol. That’s why the
alcohol intervention step is so vital.

Don’t enable

is no room for enabling, no room for being the good guy, because the
life of the addict may be on the line unless something is done on their
behalf. It is sad when family and friends no longer matter. It is even
sadder when life does not matter.

Don’t be a hero. Get help from a
trained professional. That person knows what questions to ask and what
information is necessary to make a proper assessment and an effective
strategy for battling the problem.

An alcohol intervention can help!

else to keep in mind is that an intervention, however brief, may make
all the difference in the world to getting the person back on track to
restoring his/her health.

Even a short encounter with an
alcoholism specialist can prove instrumental in helping someone along.
Those short visits may lead to putting them into a rehab program, or at
least getting in to see a physician.

Once in the throws of
alcoholism, addicts will no longer be the person they used to be, and as
a result, the intervention stages may be difficult for you to witness.
Our affection for the person, our feelings get in the way and it is
difficult for the family member or friend to remain objective.

The interventionist is key to putting the addict back on the right path to a healthy and successful life.

and Finally Remember:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”
– Matthew 7:7-8

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