Meth Addiction Symptoms

Meth Addiction Symptoms

It’s never enough.

The tragedy of meth addiction is that it is a one-way street leading to nowhere.

The rush of euphoria and energy that meth addicts think they are getting when they take a hit is only the temporary wave of pleasure, followed by the ruination of their life. Meth addiction symptoms are not that hard to spot, as this drug is so highly addictive and very quickly puts the user on a downward spiral.

Made in small, portable clandestine labs, meth amphetamine affects the central nervous system.

Unlike an amphetamine pharmaceutical, perhaps used for weight control, meth delivers a large amount of the drug into the brain, so it is more intense and lasts longer.

The drug is highly addictive and widely abused.

There are some medical uses however, such as small doses for the control of sleeping sickness (narcolepsy) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but the administration of the drug is under very strict conditions and the drug is manufactured under very specific guidelines, not on someone’s garage.

Meth used to be sold over-the-counter

Years ago, some stimulant drugs were readily available over-the-counter and still are in some countries. Drugs such as Benzedrine (bennies) were used by people as a pick-me-up, but not necessarily for recreation. Meth, the kind we will discuss in this article, is a recreational drug only, illegal and dangerous. It is used to get high and for no medical purpose at all. Meth addiction symptoms will soon begin and so will addiction for many.

Highly Addictive!

Because it is highly addictive, meth addiction symptoms will show quickly with continued use. It’s one of those drugs that produces a short-term high and so addicts will “binge and crash” on this stuff, trying to keep the high going for as long as possible before they can’t anymore.

The drug is a stimulant, so they will stay awake for days doing the drug, which is a sure sign of addiction.

Sooner or later the body has to sleep and the brain can take just so much stimulation before it has to rest.This is the meth addiction symptoms so dangerous.
The addict may not eat or sleep for days, so it is easy to see that the health consequences are enormous.

Often smoked to get the high quickly

Most commonly, addicts will smoke meth because it gets to the brain quickly and the “rush” is very intense. They can ingest the drug or crush it and snort it, but the high just isn’t the same and it takes a few minutes to take effect. Ingesting meth will take up to 20 minutes for the high to come on. When someone takes a hit of meth, they will likely get energetic as the stimulant goes to work. They might become very chatty and talk a million miles an hour, or their energy level kicks in and they want to do something.

Meth works on the central nervous system

But remember that the drug is working on the central nervous system, so there can be side effects that are unexpected and unwanted.

As the drug takes hold, or wears off, users can become paranoid instead of euphoric. They can become nervous, anxious and aggressive.

The stimulant may cause rapid heart rate with irregular heart rate and high blood pressure. They can also experience involuntary muscle reactions, such as a kind of twitching or jerking, or go into convulsions.

The drug can also cause an increase in body temperature and all of these symptoms in conjunction can cause death.People often overlook these meth addiction symptoms. Meth addicts will likely lose weight and that’s a sure sign. There is also “meth mouth” which is literally the rotting of the teeth. Malnutrition is another concern.

Friends and family members may not notice all of the symptoms at first, but just observing the person’s behavior is going to tell you a lot about what is going on. As the disease progresses, they will lose interest in just about every aspect of like, including but not limited to their family, their children, their relationships, their job and their place in society.

Because they crave the high and are constantly chasing the high which they never seem to duplicate after their first experience, the drug takes center stage and controls every aspect of their life. The drug causes the brain to release dopamine, which is the neurotransmitter that regulates pleasure, but the trouble is it causes the release of up to 12 times more dopamine than the everyday pleasures of life. These meth addiction symptoms must be understood before anyone uses this terrible drug.

That kind of intense high is what drives the addict.

There is no more choice.

They must use.

Like other drugs of addiction, as the disease progresses, it takes increasingly greater amounts of the drug to achieve the desired effects, but it never satisfies. For those who love them it’s a difficult drama to watch and it requires a strong hand and determination to help pull them out of the addiction hole.

Meth addicts have to feed the addiction, so they make very poor decisions. Their craving for the drug may cause them to manufacture the drug, which can be very dangerous, as those small meth labs are known to explode from time-to-time, sending meth brewers to the emergency room. To get the drug, addicts might take to the street and sell themselves. They might steal from their own families, or rob convenience stores, or even commit and armed robbery on the street. The drug takes over all reason, so the unthinkable becomes a possibility.

Depressed, irritated and very moody

When denied the drug, the meth addict can become depressed, irritated, moody and maybe even dangerous. The drug affects the brain, so the brain is tricked into thinking that the meth belongs there. The addict needs to drug to feel good.

It is indeed a one-way road to nowhere. Treatment is the only answer. If you have ever seen a meth addict you understand that death is really the final outcome of unchecked meth addiction. Addicts must get treatment! They won’t want it, they will deny being addicted and they will likely fight the process, but family members and friends must be strong and persevere. There is no good alternative, other than for the addict to see for him/her self that getting off that road is the only option.

Other symptoms include:

Many of these symptoms will appear after binging on meth, when the drug will no longer produce the required high. Called "tweaking" these meth addiction symptoms become very severe. The most common symptoms are:

  •   horrible feelings of emptiness and craving
  •   loss of sense of identity
  •   intense itching
  •   feelings of bugs crawling under skin
  •   unable to sleep for days
  •   completely psychotic state existing in own world,
  •   seeing and hearing things that no one else can perceive
  •   hallucinations are so vivid that they seem real
  •   disconnected from reality, becoming hostile
  •   increased self-mutilation 

These are extremely serious symptoms, which require medical supervision for treatment.

That completes our Meth Addiction Symptoms visit our home page for more information.

and Finally Remember:

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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