Teenage Addiction Questions

Teenage Addiction Questions

Teenage Addiction Questions

I believe my son/daughter is taking my prescription medication.

Why spend money with a drug dealer if there are good drugs in your own house? Don’t assume that your kids won’t take your prescription medications.

Teenage Addiction

For starters, the most immediate thing to do is cut off the access. Keep your prescription medications in a secure location. The medicine cabinet in a common bathroom is not that area. If you have your own, private bathroom, that is no protection from curious and resourceful kids.

Furthermore, as extreme as it sounds, it’s a good idea for you to control ALL medications in your home. If you child needs an aspirin, you give it to them.

Be sure to inventory your drugs to keep an accurate count of how much you have on hand. If your medication supply is depleting more rapidly than the prescribed amount calls for, you have evidence that someone else might be taking them.

If a prescription has expired, or is no longer needed, discard it. Let’s say you had a hip injury and the doctor gave you some pain medication to help you through. You have some left over. Don’t keep it.

There are public service announcements that have run on television about how teens get their hands on prescription medications.

The medications are unguarded, and teens take them, thinking they will get “high.” Taking someone else’s prescription medication, especially if you don’t know what it’s for, is like playing “Russian Roulette” with your brains.

Talk to your kids and have a conversation about both prescription medications and over-the-counter medications. We all want our teens to be respectful of the drugs in our homes, and we expect them to listen and cooperate.

But let that be a mutual understanding. Talk with them and listen to them. Be sure to inspect what you expect. You need to be the parent and the watchdog in your house.

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Teenage Addiction


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