Addiction to household products?

I have a 30-yr old friend & fellow AA member I’m concerned about. She was released from a month of rehab less than 2 weeks ago. Before rehab she was hospitalized for overdosing on Nyquil and hairspray.

Now she has overdosed twice since her release from rehab, most recently on hand sanitizers. This happened while she was substitute teaching and had to go to the hospital 911!!!

Have you ever heard of this & what’s the answer? She is going to a 90-day rehab next week. I’m a recovering alcoholic but I do not understand this. She weighs less than 100 lbs & I’m afraid she is also anorexic, Thank you! Love your show!!

PS PLZ treat this as confidential info!!!

What Hurts?

by: Ned Wicker

The question that keeps coming up in my mind is “What else is going on?” Let’s hope the 90-day treatment will render positive results. It is interesting how a person will do certain things to find “relief” or reduce stress, or just relax.

Personality plays a big part in this, but regardless of the drug of choice, underneath it all, something hurts. If your friend can open up and allow the team at the treatment center to help her through the process, she may be able to uncover the source of her discontent and rid herself of the need to engage in dangerous behavior.

That is also why I have a high regard for AA, because the 12 Steps are brilliant. It’s not just the substance it’s the whole person that needs treatment. Aside from any medical issues your friend has, which will also be addressed in treatment, there are the emotional and psychological issues.

Addiction, while a disease of the brain, is also a disease of the soul. Your friend will discover herself and allow her higher power or God, as she understands God, to help her through.

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