Addiction to Percocet

by Karen

(Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)

I have been using Percocet since December 2010. I take anywhere from 10-30 10mg tablets a day. If I don’t have any I feel terrible, no energy to even get off the couch.

I have been addicted to alcohol and Ambien in the past and did not feel this bad and I quit both of those at the same time, cold turkey.

Why do I feel so bad? Do you advise taking myself off gradually instead of all at once?

Withdrawal is Tough

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Karen,

I strongly urge you to seek medical intervention. Yes you have to get off the pills, but you need some help. The detoxification isn’t going to kill you, but it can be unpleasant. Treatment is your best option.

Try to find a doctor or treatment center you can trust. Also, attend a few NA or AA meetings, which are TOTALLY confidential and talk to the people there. They should have a very good idea who in your are is good and will help you to get treatment.

Good luck!

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