After giving up YABA how many days i have to feel weak? How to recover by ownself?

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After giving up YABA how many days i have to feel weak? How to recover by ownself?

by Rahik

(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Few months ago, I fell into the Yaba trap, and I hate it. I am a banker & I have a beautiful life by the blessing of Allah. I love my family & happy with my job. So i gave up Yaba & Yaba related friends and all kinds of addiction. (Not quit smoking)
Problem is, if i don’t take Yaba then 2-3 days later, i get too much sleep n get hungry. Can’t do anything perfectly so again i have to take this & continue my normal life. (Cause each day is very important to me)

“Can’t discuss with anyone rather i accept my death”

Cause i don’t want to lose my job or my hurt my parents. So “I HAVE TO SOLVE IT BY MY OWN” (PLEASE HELP ME)

QUESTION IS AFTER NOT TAKING YABA 3-5 days later i get sick, is it permanent or if i spend my normal life slowly then by the Blessing of Almighty it will recover automatically?

Please Help me by giving advice or guidelines or anything to solve it by my own-self? (Can’t tell anyone to get support)

Please let me know….

A. After stopping Yaba, how many days may do I need to physically recovery, in general?

B. If i get stop taking it, in future will have i has to face any trouble from my past Yaba use? if yes then, how can i recover it?


Thank you….

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Withdrawal is different for everyone

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Rahik,

Each of us is unique and we therefore recover from drug abuse uniquely. Yaba attacks the brain and changes it so that we think we MUST have it to function. This is not true, once you stop using your brain will heal itself and go back to functioning correctly. That process, the withdrawal process, is what you are feeling when you first stop using Yaba. As a general rule the longer you have used Yaba(meth) the longer it will take for it to TOTALLY leave your system.

The physical effects of withdrawal usually take from 4-10 days. Once you have not used the drug for ten days you will begin to return to feeling normal.

The psychological effects of Yaba, usually last for 3-6 months. Those effects are things like: memory and attention impairment, paranoia, anger, irritability and decreased precise motor function. Because Yaba attacks the brain it takes quite a bit longer for these symptoms to stop.

I would recommend you go to a doctor and CONFIDENTIALLY ask them to help you. They will give you support to manage your symptoms so that you can stop using Yaba more comfortably.

I would also recommend you start attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings in your area. They will teach you how to do the 12 step program which can help you to understand your drug addiction and learn how to live good life without Yaba. AA is 100% confidential so that you can go there for support and NO ONE will know anything.

I hope that answers your question and good luck,


Help me!

by: Obed doungel

I’ve been using these yaba pill’s like 06 months. One of my friend’s introduced me once, this drug is so addictive that once u try it’s very difficult to quit. So life goes on like that way and then days and months passed.

Later on i felt something happened to me my life changed I had a back pain, hyper tension and others more so i quit. I wanna recover myself. I’ve been looking everywhere in google because i don’t wanna let anyone know. I’m just scared of death. I’m not by family, friends,relatives, and I’m far away from my hometown.

So please help me out, i really wanna to recover and i will never touch that drug again. It ruined my life and my health. When i felt back pain
I meet one of my friend, he’s a studding to be a doctor in Russia, he told me that that’s not just your back, it’s a pain in your kidney because of dryness or something. He knows that i take those drugs. He told me to drink 2.3 liters of water regularly, everyday, and i did it.

So please help me out for more treatment n i felt sorry for taking it.

Find AA meetings to attend

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Obed,

Yaba (meth) is a HIGHLY addictive drug for some people. Because drug addiction is a disease of the brain, and each of us have unique brain chemistry, yaba/meth effects us differently.

It sounds like yaba/meth is terrible for you, first because you become addicted to it very quickly. Second, because it has very bad effects on your overall mental and physical health.

I highly recommend that you begin to attend AA or NA meetings in your area and work the 12-steps. The 12-steps help us to admit and understand our addiction and also make the changes necessary to avoid addiction now and into the future.

Working the 12-steps and connecting with a sponsor who can help us through the rough times has been shown to be a free and confidential way to move into addiction recovery.

Good luck,


Aftershock of quit Yaba

by: Petro

Well, I really appreciate who quit and who is trying to quit Yaba. After reading some comments
(specially Mr. Rahik) I am shocked. I was addicted about one year and I quit. It is going to be one month. Yes, in the end of three days after quitting, I had some physical problem and I recovered it in next three days. But mentally or emotionally I didn’t or I don’t have any bad affection. I am a Chef.

Professionally I have to take huge, huge and huge mentally pressure. I didn’t do any mistake or any kind of mishap or any kind of memory loss, nothing and I am doing good. I think this depends on mind how you will fly it and you must keep in your mind that you have to reach your destination without any compromise. Actually I was looking for some suggestions for what can be happen after quitting Yaba.

Now I can say, Yes, I am alright and i have very good health. Without trying you can not achieve your goal. Life is only one and it is yours, don’t destroy it. Remember nobody has headache you live or you die. it is totally yours.

Thank you

How I quit yaba

by: XYZ

Nothing is impossible for human..
I was addicted to yaba more than 2.5 years. Once I realised that its damaging my talent, and I started to feel that I am going to die, so this is best time to quit it.

Then I started to perform salat(best ever meditation in the world), managed some times to spend with family, totally leave addicted circle and colleagues.

By the grace of Almighty it’s been 3 weeks I am out of yaba. And I started to feel ashamed for those 2.5 years.

Some physical changes happened during this time. body feels over heated (not always, specially the time when I used to take yaba) and this is also decreasing day by day.

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