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Demerol Addiction Help

Demerol Addiction Help

The best solution to prevent
Demerol abuse is to follow directions. Demerol addiction help is
really as simple as that if the patient is willing to stay within the
guidelines for using this opiate pain reliever. However, that is
sometimes easier said than done and human nature is always looking to
stretch the limits of just about anything.

Used to control moderate pain

Demerol is
a brand name for the drug Pethidine or meperidine hydrochloride and
it is used to control moderate to severe pain. It is usually taken
in pill form, but it can also be injected or used in a patch. It is
classified as a Schedule II controlled substance in the US, a
narcotic. Like other opioid drugs, Demerol is addictive.

Addiction comes quickly

Let’s backup for a moment.
Demerol addiction can come on so quickly, even without the user even
knowing it. In most cases, the doctor prescribes Demerol for the
patient who needs pain control, but the prescription calls for a
specific amount to be taken at specific times, over a specific amount
of time. Doctors do not just prescribe opiates without serious

Demerol is not used as commonly as it
was a few years ago and other drugs have been developed, but it is
still used. Patients hopefully find relief from their pain, but
people do stretch the limits and so a person might take too many
pills, or take them too often. The patient just wants pain relief,
but in truth that is Demerol abuse. It is going against the
expressed instructions of the physician. That is where the slippery
slope begins.

Addiction starts when the brain
builds up a tolerance

Demerol will help with the pain,
but it is addictive. When a drug is used improperly, the brain
builds up a tolerance, so over time it takes more of the drug to
achieve the same effect. Because the person needs a higher dose, the
abuse of the drug turns into addiction. The addiction is either a
psychological dependence or a physical dependence, or both. In
either case, the person is in trouble and in need of treatment.

Demerol abuse may be the
underlying cause of liver and kidney damage, as the body must
metastasize the drug and too much of the substance, simply stated,
overwhelms the functions of the kidneys and liver, causing them to
malfunction. Because Demerol is a powerful drug, it can cause
abusive or addictive behavior rather quickly.

Another effect of the drug makes it
problematic and contributes to abuse and addiction. Patients may
feel a euphoria or a “high” and because of that, Demerol is often
used for recreation, not for a specific, medical purpose. A person
likes the way they feel when they take the medicine, so long after
the need to control pain has passed, the desire to achieve the
euphoria or high takes over.

Looks for signs of addiction

Friends and family need to
recognize some of the signs of Demerol addiction to be a help and not
an enabler or part of the problem. The first thing to look for is
noticing how much the person takes and how often they take it. Did
they run out of their prescription too soon? As the person builds the
tolerance to the drug, they will most likely display withdrawal signs
when they don’t have it. They may appear anxious, or have physical
signs like a runny nose, diarrhea, cramps, nausea, or they may have
mood swings

As they become dependent, they may have
an obsession with the drug and how to get it. They have to have a
supply on hand. They may withdraw from the family and not see their
friends. They may lose interest in routine daily activities and
start missing school or work. This change in their behavior can be
very slow, so the key to initiating Demerol addiction help is being
perceptive and watching the subtle changes in behavior.

For the user, it is hard to see this
change, because by the time a person is getting preoccupied with the
drug the dividing line between abuse and addiction is razor thin.
They don;’t believe they have a problem. Or they will say, “I can
handle it.” The truth is, they can’t handle it.

Must get treatment for addiction

Demerol addiction help begins
with getting the person to a treatment facility where medical
professionals can take over. Do not fool yourself into thinking a
person can just quit, because all the will power and determination
will not stop the advancement of the disease of addiction. People
need help. That is why denial is the biggest obstacle to treatment.

The earlier the intervention the
better. The longer the abuse goes along, the more difficult it is to
turn the tide. As abuse turns into addiction, and understand that in
many circles abuse and addiction are the same, the disease will take
over the person’s whole life. Everything will revolve around using.
As the stages of addiction roll by, a person will dismiss any health
concerns in favor of getting their drug. They want Demerol more than
food. They want Demerol more than their family and friends. It’s a
dreadful disease.

Usually have to detox as part of the
initial treatment

The medical team may determine
that detoxification is necessary. This I a procedure to rid the
body of the substance. Addicts are in jeopardy of serious and
difficult withdrawal symptoms, so the detox is designed to help the
patient be comfortable and get them through it as quickly as
possible. Addicts fear withdrawal, so even a safe, medical detox is
not appealing to them.

Once the substance is gone, then
treatment can begin. Treatment is designed to meet the individual
needs of the person. Proper treatment facilities will tailor make a
treatment program and pay careful attention to what works for the

Treatment often includes group

Demerol addiction help and treatment may include group
sessions, individual counseling, 12 Step, behavior modification, any
number of methodologies to help the patient overcome the grasp of the
abuse/addiction. The treatment is often out-patient, but in some
cases an in-patient program is best. All treatment should be
followed by a recovery program, to help the patient rebuild their
life and get back to a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Must recognize the problem

Demerol addiction help begins with the
recognition of the problem, either by the user or by friends and
family members. The earlier the detection the better and the more sucessful the Demerol addiction help is. People do
overcome abuse and addiction and go on to live happy joyous and free lives.

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and Finally Remember:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”
– Matthew 7:7-8

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