Overcoming my fears was hard, i was taught if you look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself i am not afraid, you will overcome you fears.

I was bought to believe what goes on in the home stays in the home, did i believe that? Yes my family made me feel like i was alone and no one heard my cry.

I beg God everyday too take me away from these people who hurt me, i would dream that i was killing people in my family one by one. My dream was so powerful i would wake up thinking i committed the crime, i hated my life as a child, growing up was painful.

Everyday i will think about what can i do to take away the pain who can i go to and tell all my problems to i was alone no one would listen to me.

I Try to committed suicide by taking pills,it didn’t work,i try to run in front off a car all i got was a beaten. You name it i try it, then i thought why? What did i do to myself for me to hurt myself? NOTHING!!!

So i gave up and went on with my life, yes i had hard times, always messing up, i was mad at everyone who cross my path. Men was always putting their hands on me, and making me do things i didn’t want to do.

I felt degraded and disgusting, who do i go to? where is God? why he not answering my cry? that is what the devil had in my head.

As the years went by and i got older, i knew my day was coming and God got a plan for me, and all my gifts was waiting for me. All i had to do was stay still call on him and listen, because he hears my cry, and he will always be there for me no matter what.God is my rock and shield,and he loves me and he is all i need for my needs.

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