Comments for Angry About Sister’s Opiate Abuse?

Check Your Anger at the Door

by: Ned Wicker

Your anger over your sister’s situation is not uncommon, nor do I think it is necessarily all directed at her.

You may be pointing the finger at yourself? Why didn’t I see this coming? Why didn’t I do something to stop this? Why is she throwing her life away when she has children? What gives her the right to live with dad when I have to fend for myself? I can only imagine.

You first and foremost just need to forgive her, if for no other reason that forgiveness has a powerful impact on the forgiver, even if the forgiven one is unaware of it. Forgive yourself for your anger.

I think too that people feel helpless in your situation, as if there was nothing you could have done to prevent the drug addiction from progressing, or you may feel inadequate in helping your sister recover and get back to a clean, healthy lifestyle.

Now that you pulled it out of her, you may be angry that she came clean and gave you the answer you were looking for.

The important thing is she told you. She wants your help with her kids. Addiction takes the whole family to be involved. If she is willing to go into treatment, that’s a tremendous first step.

You can play a huge part by being a good and faithful aunt, not for any personal reward, but for the opportunity to build relationships with her children and be a source of love and strength.

Call her up and apologize. It won’t hurt you and it will mark an important beginning in your role in her treatment and recovery. Talk to your dad and the family. All of you, together, need to be a team and have a plan for how you are going to be the support network.

You just might be surprised at how powerful a little grace can be in turning this negative into a positive.

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