DXM, Family and Friends Regretful First time

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DXM, Family and Friends Regretful First time

A girl, who I might as well call my older sister, had a fiancé during the time she lived in our house for a few months. They were close family friends at the time, struggling together financially.

They were above the age of eighteen, my sister being slightly younger than her fiancé. His name was Tyler.

Now, Tyler had been someone I looked up to during this time. I was only in seventh grade, he was old enough to buy cigarettes and had his license.

My older brother (not Tyler but my half brother Jacob) and I had never used any drugs. The problem was, for me, well…It was one of my biggest curiosities in life… along with sex, if I’d ever get in a crazy school fight. I rarely did homework, if any at at all, until 10 grade.

During the time Tyler was around me and my brother, he put effort into making sure we had time with him. He had caught our attention and we just about actually took notes on some things.

One Friday I brought a friend home on the school bus so we could hang out. My friend and Tyler had met several times already and were friendly to each other. Us guys decide to go out along with my sister, as well as a friend of Tyler’s picked up on the way to Walmart.

At Walmart, Tyler, my sister and his friend go in, each grabbing two boxes of cold and cough medication tablets containing DXM. They all purchase at different isles and meet up at the car where my brother, while my friend and I waited.

Over the last week, Tyler had brought up how he sometimes smokes pot while talking to my brother and asked him if he was interested. Being younger, feeling excluded often led to me butting in. They reluctantly agreed (Tyler, then my brother of course) that I could go along.

During the time in the parking lot, the three educated, legal adults removed each individual tablet from its pocket. They instructed us cautiously to start with eight, during those instructions preparing themselves entire boxes of 16 tablets for themselves. Each.

We listen, although confused by what was happening. Well, at least I was at the time, but ignored any thoughts that might hold me back from trying one of the things I saw on tv and heard about in songs throughout my childhood.

I was not aware, nor did I try to educate myself about what I was about to consume before taking the drug, eight tablets at once as a drank from a water bottle, then sat there waiting further instruction from the experienced members in the vehicle.

Later, we drove from the Walmart parking lot and I’m was unaware of where we were. I hear them saying they want to go to a grave yard, which I don’t see reason to refuse.

We walk over graves, myself being so high I laugh about it. They laugh at how I walk. We smoke some pot and one of the highest people drive us home.

How we made it home that night is one of my biggest curiosities today. But how could I only do something that was so enjoyable only one time?

I struggle against addiction for years after this, but currently am doing my best within all that time.

My local stores have replaced the tablets with gel capsules that are harder to consume in such large amounts without gagging, making fighting addiction so much easier. I could never complain about that.

I hope with so much of my heart that no young teen does anything similar.

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Stay strong!

by: Debbie Wicker

Thanks so much for sharing your story. Like many of us, peer pressure causes us to try things which aren’t good for us and can really harm us. But because we want to be included and to fit in we make choices which we later really regret.

For those who don’t know, DXM stands for dextromethorphan. And when we exceed maximum dosages, dextromethorphan acts as a dissociative anesthetic.

Overcoming addiction is much easier if we have support from others trying to do the same thing, so please consider joining an AA or NA group and working the 12 steps. The 12 steps teach us what we need to find in our life that makes us want to live it without drugs.

Thanks again for telling us your story and I hope it helps others to avoid taking things they don’t understand that will harm them.


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– Matthew 7:7-8

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