New Deadly Drug Eats Flesh of Users!

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New Deadly Drug Eats Flesh of Users!

by George Vilagut

(Orange County, CA)

A new, flesh eating drug is beginning to surface in America’s drug culture. This drug is one of the most dangerous drugs to hit the underground drug culture but is also the cheapest.

What is it?

Desomorphine, or Krokodil, as it is known on the streets, is a drug that is relatively new to the United States, but has been plaguing Russia since 2002. It is composed of a combination of gasoline, codeine, red phosphorus and hydrochloric acid. The side effect of this drug is severe as it eats away at the flesh of its users. Krokodil has been banned in Russia.

Krokodil was created due to the difficulty of procuring heroin in Russia. Because heroin became difficult to come by drug users began to create their own drug and what they discovered was something that is more dangerous and deadlier than heroin. Krokodil is also very easy to create making it accessible to anyone willing to try it out.

Who is Using?

It is estimated that there is an approximate number of 100,000 users in Russia (where Krokodil originated) and an estimated 20,000 in Ukraine. The drug has begun to spring up all over the US making its way to Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio and Missouri.

Those who are experimenting with the drug aren’t “rookie” drug users. The typical user of Krokodil is someone who has been doing drugs for a long time, hard core users who use hard core drugs like cocaine, heroin, crack and methamphetamine. It’s these types of users who are looking for cheaper, stronger drugs.


It’s hard to say why anyone would use this drug or any destructive drug like heroin, but what we do understand with this drug is that it only takes one time of using for one to become addicted. So while someone initially experiments with a drug just to experience the high, escape depression or because of peer pressure, the consequences are severe and destructive.


For someone who has found themselves using Krokodil, heroin, cocaine or any other destructive drug then professional help needs to be sought immediately. Krokodil is so destructive the mind and body that there is no way one can just quit are their own strength, no matter how bad they want it. The best thing would be to seek help at a residential rehabilitation and detox center.

Help at a professional and licensed rehab center will give an addict a fighting chance. Rehabilitation centers have the ability to provide 24 hour medical attention and services. It also helps to keep bad influences from setting the addict back and falling into old, destructive habits.

If you believe or know that a friend or family member is addicted to a substance then the first step would be to organize an intervention with loved ones. Let the individual know that they are important and loved. Also, let them know that what they are doing is dangerous and they need help. When a person is confronted in an intervention it is hard for them to deny the truth and they can be influenced into receiving help.

Resource Box: George Vilagut is the founder and CEO of Stephouse Recovery, an Orange County rehab and detox center. Stephouse Recovery offers outpatient and residential rehab for drug and alcohol addiction as well as treatment for eating disorders.

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– Matthew 7:7-8

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