Comments for Son May Be Addicted to Cocaine

It Is A Problem

by: Ned Wicker

Your son does have a problem and it’s his. Addicts always tell you that “I’m OK, I can handle it.”

This is a big lie.

They may believe it, but it’s a lie just the same. Look up Al-Anon in your community and maybe start with them.

It’s a super organization and their mission is to help people just like you.

You may want to consult your physician, or call a local drug treatment center. Understand you will not get any support from your son, because he doesn’t have a problem. No matter what, he’ll likely fight you at every step.

Your family needs to band together and maybe get the help of an interventionist. But the main thing is get the help. As the addiction takes over your son’s life, he will become less and less capable of making any kind of responsible decision for himself, and he’s going to be the last one in the room to admit that anything at all is wrong.

Make the call.

Get help and rally the family. Together, as a family, you can all do your part in helping your son. Don’t do this alone.

You all need to be together.

God bless you.

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