Battling Percocet

I’ve been addicted to percs a little over a year now, they have never been prescribed to me.

I don’t have insurance and have had a lot of problems with my teeth, by the time I go in I’m usually in a lot of pain and due for an extraction.

I have been prescribed Vicodin quite a few times and occasionally bought it on the street til I could get treated. Last year I had a particularly bad abbess so my friend offered me a perc.

I have an addictive personality but for some reason have never had a problem with Vicodin. Foolishly thinking they were just like a stronger vicodin I took the perc and I was in heaven. Increased energy, sex drive, better mood.

I started out only taking 4-6 5 mg a day but not every day. Pretty soon I was taking them every day and before I knew it 10-16 a day, about 2 every 2 hours whether I had 10s or 5s.

I’ve been thru the hell of withdrawal a few times but gave up. Finally I called a clinic I thought offered Suboxone but only offers methadone.

I am terrified to get on methadone, I’m trying to minimize my suffering not face worse wd later. These pills are the devil, when it was too late and I had a problem I researched this drug and was shocked to find it’s like heroin.

I am not drug naive I’ve beat crack, cocaine and alcohol, but this is by far the hardest battle I’ve faced as far as drugs go. I’m on day 2, I got a couple adderall so today wasn’t as bad but yesterday was hell.

I already have wrls but it is definitely worse. I’m supposed to sneak off (very few people know including my live in mate of 13 years) tomorrow to start my first dose of methadone but I think I’m going to try to tough this out.

Does anyone know of any non narcotic pain pills that my doc or urgent care may be willing to prescribe to help me through? Non addicting?

I already had non-treated chronic pain I lived with before part from depression. But I know I will probably look like a drug seeker but I am really ready to get my life back!

It’s been hell for a lot of reasons the past couple years, I am finally getting anti-depressants. I won’t be getting any more adderall my friend really needs them and I want to be sober. Any suggestions, besides suboxone and methadone?

Be Careful

by: Ned Wicker

You seem to have a history of self-medicating, which is never a good idea.

Is your doctor aware of your problems?

Have you been honest with him and allowed him to help you?

There are non-drug alternatives to getting off the percs, and no the withdrawal is not going to kill you.

Have you tried NA meetings, to allow fellow addicts the opportunity to help you through these difficult days?

Who better to guide you through this process than one who completely understands your fight?

I still think being open and honest with your own doc is the best first step here. I am also sure he can recommend treatment options for you.

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