Blood test

by Renee


I have been smoking meth for the past three days, not too much just a few bowls, and snorting percocet and Xanax throughout the day and night for months with maybe a couple of days to a week in between.

My parents have been urine sampling me which is fine cuz I get that fake urine, but they want to blood test me now!

I need advice ASAP obviously I’m gonna stop everything but anything I can do to speed the process of being clean?


by: Ned Wicker

Dear Renee,

I fully support your parents’ desire to monitor your drug use. Moreover, I applaud their love and compassion for you. But your only goal seems to be how you can cheat a blood test. If that is the case, you are making extremely foolish and bad choices in life. I am not going to help you cheat a blood test, so my recommendation is that you take it, then get some help. Your thinking is cockeyed.

Look for an AA or a Celebrate Recovery (usually at churches) meeting in your area TODAY and start going. The people at the meeting have been where you are and can help you to overcome your drug and alcohol use.

Also, your should tell your parents the truth TODAY about your drug problem because they sound like good people who are trying to help you. Your family is likely going to be a key part of your recovery.

Good luck and may God Bless you and your family.

Fooling your parents doesn’t change the reality that you are a drug addict and need to stop using.

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